The Grass Deck Without a Name

Hello.  First I will warn you: this deck probably sucks because this is
my first deck that I created with only my own not-so-vast knowledge of
pokemon.  As you may notice, there are mostly base cards in this deck.  This
is because I got these cards a long time ago and I never really got into the
whole pokemania.  Summarized strategy:  Perpetually poison your opponent's
pokemon, keeping their HP in check, then evolve your pokemon so they can do
massive damage to whatever is left.

3 Base Bulbasaur   
2 Base Ivysaur     
2 Base Venusaur
3 Base Weedle    
2 Base Kakuna     
1 Base Beedrill    
3 Base Nidoran (M) 
2 Base Nidorino    
1 Base Nidoking
3 Rocket Oddish
1 Dark Gloom       
1 Jungle Gloom     
1 Jungle Vileplume
overpriced lizard...
2 Base Koffing     
1 Dark Weezing     

2 Base Defender    
3 Base Super Potion
4 Base Potion          

1 R. Potion Energy 
1 Double Colorless 
21 Grass Energy


It's about time I do a deck fix. I've been so lazy lately. =/

First off, you have way to many evolution lines. If you want this to be atleast a semi competetive deck, you need to focus on one evolution line:
VENUSAUR. So do the obvious thing and drop all your evolution lines besides your Venusaur line. That would give us a wopping 21 slots to work with. Go ahead and add the following:

+3 Cleffa
+3 Scyther
+2 Igglybuff (ND)
+2 Ditto
+1 Tyrogue
+1 Bulbasaur
+1 Venusaur

Cleffa is a must. Especially in evolution decks. Scyther 0wnz in this deck. Think about it. You Lass/Eeeeeeek first turn w/Cleffa with a Bulbasaur on the bench. Next turn you Breed in Venasaur and you play a Scyther with a DCE. Use Venusaur's Transfer power to move the Grass energy off of Cleffa to Scyther and hit for 30 damage the same turn. Cool? eh? I'll be honest, if you didn't play Ditto, Sneasel Trap would probably beat this deck badly. Ditto should give you the versatility and speed to help you counter Sneasel while you're building up Venusaur. Igglybuff is of course to help fight Slowking variants.

We have 8 slots left. We'll fill them up below...

Drop about 11 Grass Energy and toss in 3 more DCE. (Scyther and Ditto) And play about 2 Recycle Energy (For the SER's we're gonna add in a minute.) And cut the lone Potion Energy. :/

Ontop of the open slots, drop the rest of your Trainers to go to 24 slots. Add the following and I'll explain below...

+3 Computer Search
+3 Super Energy Removal
+3 Pokimon Center
+3 Professor Oak
+3 Item Finder
+3 Gust of Wind
+2 Lass
+2 Nightly Garbage Run
+1 Sprout Tower

Errr...drop an Ivysaur and go +2 Pokimon Breeder.

Energy Transfer + Pokimon Center 0wnz meh like wh0a. ;/ Move energy off of a damaged Pokimon to a non damaged one and use Pokimon Center, healing them completely. Lass/Eeeeeeek helps buy time to evolve and beat down on your helpless opponent. SER 0wnz Sneasel and Chansey bad. :O

The deck should now look something like this

Venusaur Deck =/

Pokimon [19]
4 Bulbasaur
3 Venusaur
3 Cleffa
3 Scyther
2 Ditto
2 Igglybuff (ND)
1 Tyrogue
1 Ivysaur

Trainers [25]
3 Computer Search
3 Item Finder
3 Professor Oak
3 Super Energy Removal
3 Pokimon Center
3 Gust of Wind
2 Pokimon Breeder
2 Lass
2 Nightly Garbage Run
1 Sprout Tower

Energy [16]
10 Grass Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy
2 Recycle Energy

There we go...a semi decent looking Venusaur deck.

Hope it works for ya and good luck!

W00 H00!