It's true this deck is 105-0...(105 wins, 0 loses)
This Deck is filled with Trainers(30 to be exact). The trainers mostly help 
you get what you need, such as computer search, pokedex, pokemon trader, 
professor oak, and bill. Other Trainers such as Energy Removals and Gust of 
Wind prevent the opponent from giving severe damage. And a couple energy 
retrievals to gain back your energy if the opponent uses an energy removal 
deck also! And I have added Pluspowers for that extra damage to bring you to 
another successful game.
    This Deck is limited to 12 strong Basic Pokemon. It is limited so small 
because you can't start playing this game without having a Pokemon to start 
with, so why not put in a couple strong ones and know that your going to get 
them no matter what.
    I named this deck The Terminator:
x11 Leaf Energy
x5 Fighting Energy
x2 Double Colorless Energy

x1 Pokedex
x2 Computer Search
x3 PlusPower
x1 Pokemon Trader
x2 Super Energy Removal
x3 Potion
x4 Gust of Wind
x4 Energy Removal
x2 Energy Retrieval
x4 Professor Oak
x4 Bill

x1 Scyther
x1 Pinsir
x3 Farfetch'd
x3 Hitmonchan 
x4 Kangaskhan
105-0? What kind of decks do you play against? That kind of record usually means that either you shouldn't be asking me for help, or you usually play less advanced people. Even the best decks have occasional bad luck and losses. Not that the deck is bad, of course, but it does have a few weaknesses and could be tweaked a bit. You've got the basic components of a Haymaker here, but with some questionable Trainers and Pokemon choices IMO.

Farfetch'd and Pinsir are questionable, and the ratios for Scyther, Kangaskhan, and Hitmonchan are kind of weird. Scyther can definitely replace Farfetch'd, and Pinsir is too slow and has too little HP to be sucessful in most Haymakers. Kangaskhan can be good, but four is a bit much. Let's go with something like this:
3 Hitmonchan
3 Scyther
3 Ditto
2 Kangaskhan

You're pretty good here already except I'd drop a few cards: Pokedex, Pokemon Trader, and Potion. Add another Comp. Search, PlusPower, and SER. Four GOW is kind of heavy, too, I'd take one out. Add a couple Narrow Gym to counter Wigglies and other Gyms, and add three Scoop Up.

You don't really need Grass now, and taking it out will save space and make the deck a bit more efficient. Take the Fighting up to 9 and add a couple Double Colorless and four FH Energy. Here's the finished deck:
Pok閙on (11)
3 Hitmonchan
3 Scyther
3 Ditto
2 Kangaskhan

Trainers (32)
3 Computer Search
4 PlusPower
3 Super Energy Removal
3 Gust of Wind
4 Energy Removal
2 Energy Retrieval
4 Professor Oak
4 Bill
2 Narrow Gym
3 Scoop Up

Energy (17)
9 Fighting 
4 FH Energy
That's what I'd do with it. Obviously, if you have a 105-0 record, you were doing pretty well in the first place. But hopefully this'll help you, and at least be some changes to consider if you need to. Good luck!

~ Souper ~