OK...I'm sure you've seen more than one Sponge in your lifetime...but I have carefully 
crafted this one to fit the metagame of my area.  Please give it a look....
Pokemon-10 (low number is safe; first-turn KO decks aren't
        popular AT ALL in my area)
3 Mewtwo (Kills Chans and Kazams)
3 Hitmonchan (Kills Puff/Tuff and Buzz)
4 Ditto (Just good, and fits the dual energy type nicely)
4 Oak
4 ER
3 SER (ER/SER keep Wiggly at bay)
3 Comp Search (gets Psy energy in discard to absorb)
3 Item Finder
4 Gust of Wind (great due to the playing style for most
        people; they power up 1 poke, and I kill it in one shot)
3 Scoop Up
2 Resistance Gym (With Psy/Fight resistance running
        rampant, these are a necessity.  I've had very good
        luck with them)
2 Goop Gas Attack (odd, I know...but Mime and Ditto are
        popular...and this will destroy them; I can always Item
        Finder them when I actually need the card)
Energy-22 (a little high...but it tends to fit my playing style
        better; could prolly be dropped to maybe 20)
9 Psy
9 Fighting
4 DCE (Ditto and helps retreat for others; but you already
        knew that)
Well built and pretty good looking version of your basic Haymaker. This shouldn't need too much work, except for some minor tweaking here and there.

4 Ditto is kind of heavy since he can be bad in some situations too. Let's take out a Ditto and add two Scyther. Not much else necessary here. Mewtwo and Hitmonchan are good choices, and Ditto and Scyther give you versatility.

Resistance gym is a good choice in a deck that's mostly Fighting and Psychic. You've got this pretty well balanced. Four Gust of Wind is a bit heavy, I'd drop one for another Resistance Gym. Goop Gas is sometimes useful, but overall it usually doesn't have much impact. Unless you're constantly fighting Mr. Mimes, I'd take out the Goop Gas and add a couple Lass instead.

Drop one Psy to get back to 60 cards. The deck should look like this:
Pokemon (11) 
3 MP Mewtwo
3 Hitmonchan
3 Ditto
2 Scyther
Trainers (28)
4 Oak
4 ER
3 Comp Search
3 Item Finder
3 Gust of Wind
3 Scoop Up
3 Resistance Gym
2 Lass

Energy (21) 
8 Psy
9 Fighting
Hope that helps, and good luck!

~ Souper ~