*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Hello all! Let's get to it!
Satoshi I have been waiting 2 weeks for you to tweak my deck the 1st time  i
waited thinking you would just even look at it now i have a game against a
friend this thurs and i really need you to look at it. just reply back thats
all !!!!

15 fire
15 psy

4 charmander
3 charmeleon
1 charizard
4 mewtwo
2 (F) magmar
1 mr.mime

4 bills
4 energy search
4 enegry retrival
2 er
2 ser
SATOSHI: Okay, we have work to do.

The Pokémon don't need that much work. I'm guessing those Mewtwos are the
Movie Promos, right? Well, if they aren't, they are now. :p Anyway, for the
good of the Pokémon world, remove the Charizard. He's really not worth it.
In his place, add another Mr. Mime. Next, take out 1 Psychic Energy for
another fossil Magmar.

On to the Trainers. Remove four more Psychic Energy for four Professor Oak.
Next, out comes the Energy Search. In their place put three Computer Search
and an Itemfinder. Finally, remove three Fire Energy for another Itemfinder,
ER and SER.

The Energy was fixed along the way.

Here it is!:

10 Psychic Energy
12 Fire Energy
4 Mewtwo(MP)
2 Mr. Mime
3 Magmar(f)
4 Charmander
3 Charmeleon
4 Bill
4 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search
2 Itemfinder
3 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal

SATOSHI: There you go!! Remember folks, I can't fix every deck I recieve, as
that would take...let's see, carry the four, divide by 3...a really, really
long time. ;-)
Again, I'm sorry, but it's just not possible. Good luck and happy gaming!!