SATOSHI: Hello everyone! Welcome to--

LAPRAS: Laaa!!

SATOSHI: Ack! Lapras! Knock that off! PLease excuse Lapras's behavior. She,
along with the rest of my team, has been couped up in the pool out in the
back of the shop all day, so I decided to take them to the beach to make up
for it. Being water Pokémon(with the exception of Articuno; but he mine as
well be a water-type), they've been having a royal blast.


SATOSHI: Hey!! No water-gunning our guests! Sorry about that. Let's get to
your deck before Lapras decides to test her Hydro Pump....
    Okay, I know my deck is pretty good. I mean hey, I just placed 2nd in a
tournament yesterday. But what I really want to do is capture 1st.  I walked
into the tournament not having a strategy. But I did come up with this: I
start with Mewtwo And load him up, while stalling. Then I wait till I have
Buzzes' on my bench loaded up. When Mewtwo is knocked out, I hit for serious
damage with Buzz.
    Anyways, thanks for helping my deck. Here it is:

Poke'mon (15)

x3 Scyther
x4 Khangaskhan
x4Mewtwo (Movie Promo)

Trainers (17)
x1Sabrina's Psychic Control
x1 Professor Oak
x2Gust of Wind
x4Energy Removal
x1Super Energy Removal

Energy (28)
x11Psychic Energy
x12Lightning Energy
SATOSHI: Hmm...there's work to do.

The Pokémon look okay, but there are some suggestions I'd like to make.
First, drop two Kangaskahn and add in another Electabuzz and Scyther.
Kangaskahn is okay, but 4 is a bit much. The rest of the Pokémon look okay,
so let's move on.

The Trainers need the most work. Remove three Electric Energy for three more
Professor Oak-you'll need them in today's enviorment. Next, let's take out
an ER, two Psychic Energy, and another Electric Energy for two Computer
Search and two more SER. Finally, remove Sabrina's Psychic Control for
another Computer Search.

The Eergy we fixed along the way, so it should be okay now.

Here's the final product:

4 Electabuzz
4 Mewtwo lv60
4 Scyther
2 Kangaskahn
1 Chansey
4 Bill
4 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search
4 PlusPower
2 Gust of Wind
3 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
8 Electric Energy
9 Psychic Energy
1 Potion Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy

SATOSHI: There ya are!! Now, if you'll excuse me, I believe Blastoise is
organizing a game of beach volleyball...and I've got quite a mean serve, so
I'll just be mooseying on over. Of course, you're welcome to come too. Good
luck and happy gaming!!