*ding ding!*
Hello there!

HYPNO: Hyp!! Hypno!!

Oh, yeah...Everyone knows Hypno, right?

VULPIX: Pix pix!!

Erm...and Vulpix. Well, I'm sure you've all heard that Spike and Crash have
decided to take a break from the Deck Garage. Well, as their respective
owners clean out a few last things from their old Garages, I'm stuck taking
care of their Pokémon until they're all set. Sounds like fun, you say??
Heh...you'd think so, wouldn't ya?? ^_^*
Hi! My name is ron and my deck,"HYPER NEEDLE", needs tweaking.

3 bulbasaur
2 ivysaur
1 venasaur
3 erika's oddish lv.15
2 erika's gloom lv.28
1 erika's vileplume
3 koga's weedle
2 koga's kakuna
2 koga's beedrill
1 pinsir

2 bill
2 erika
3 gust of wind
1warp point
1full heal
4 pokemon breeders
1 no removal gym

25 grass energy

the point of this deck is to get beedrill very fast and use nerve poison and
then use hyper needle if you need a quick,huge hit and if you need to stall
use vileplume,but I cant get either out fast enough.Please help
Ah, I see what your problem is. Let's get to work. Hey, wha--?! Vulpix!
Hypno! Get down from there!! Grrr....

The Pokémon are your main problem. Let's remove the entire Bulbasaur line
for two more Erika's Vileplume and one more each of Koga's Kakuna and Koga's
Beedrill-making the Erika's Vileplume family 3-2-3 and the Koga family
3-3-3. With our last two spaces, we'll more onto the Trainers.

First, use the leftover two spaces fro two Itemfinder. Next, let's remove
the Warp Point and Full Heal for two Rocket's Scyther. Next, remove the
Erika and one Pokémon Breeder for another Bill and two Professor Oak. Make
the No Removal Gym a Computer Search, and let's move on.

Remove 6 Grass Energy for 3 DCE, another Professor Oak, and two more CPU

Let's see the finished product:
19 Grass Energy
3 Erika's Oddish lv15
2 Erika's Gloom lv28
3 Erika's Vileplume
3 Koga's Weedle
3 Koga's Kakuna
3 Koga's Beedrill
3 Rocket's Scyther(we were short a card to begin with, so in went another
Rocket's Scyther)
1 Pinisr
3 Bill
3 Professor Oak
2 Itemfinder
3 Computer Search
3 Pokémon Breeder
3 Gust of Wind

Hmm...that'll do it!!

VULPIX: Vulll!!

Gah...Hypno, please get that fire stone away from Vulpix.

HYPNO: Heee-haaa!! HYPNO!!

Don't say I didn't-

VULPIX: Vulll!


-Warn you...good luck and happy gaming, everyone!!