*ding ding!*
Howdy...I've still got Vulpix and Hypno in my care. They're a handful, but
Blastoise and my new Umbreon are having little trouble keeping them out of
my hair--for the time being. You never know with those two...
Hey Satoshi!   Wassup?   this is my deck....it slaughters up at Pokemon
League (but then again half the kids there play with Venusaur, Blastoise,
Charizard plus dont play with trainers)  but thats beside the point!  it
fairs well against stragecic players....it has 2 main attackers and 1
strategy.....try to get as many Gengars on the bench while attacking away
with Promo Mewtwo or Hyper Beam with Dragonair...plus a butt load of ER and
SER....but dont finish the prey yet....curse that damage onto the bench and
the go in for the kill!  MWAHAHAHA...here goes!

Pokemon: 17
2x Dratini (base)
2x Dragonair
3x Promo Mewtwo
4x Fossil Gastly
3x Fossil Haunter
3x Gengar

Trainers: 23
4x GoW
3x Bill
3x Oak
3x Comp Search
2x RSA
4x ER
4x SER

Energy: 20
16x Psychic
4x DCE

I really havent gotten or looked at Gym Challenge and Heroes so if there are
cards in those set that yu think are vital to my deck...just fill me on how
so and what they do...thanks a bunch!
Ah...it does me good to see a non-Haymaker deck doing well. Let's see what
we can do.

Well, let's start off by speeding things up a bit by adding in three Pokémon
Breeders in place of the fossil Haunter. Next, remove two Psychic Energy for
another Dratini and Dragonair. Everything else looks good.

For the Trainers, remove the fourth Gust of Wind for another Professor Oak.
Besides that, this deck is lookin' fine.

You might try to go with three Fossil Gastly and four MP Mewtwo, but I'll
leave that up to you. Another Pokémon that works well with Gengar is Mr.
Mime-and even Dark Golbat. Sneak Attack, Hyper Devolution Spray, Sneak
Attack, Curse, Meditate. That kind of combo makes for one awesome deck. In
fact, I believe Scott called his version of it "The Escalator," as the
damage count continued to RISE. You moight want to look into trying it. but
for now, I'd suggest sticking with this. It looks great, and I can see
you've put thought into it. Kudos!! :)

Well, here come Spike and Crash to pick up their Pokémon. Vulpix!! Hypno!!
Get ready to go!!

HYPNO: Hyp! no!
VULPUX: Vul!! Pix vul!!

*ding ding!*
Hi guys...no, they weren't any trouble at all...yeah, anytime you need
someone to look after 'em, I'm your man...uh-huh, okay. Later.
*ding ding!*

Whew...well, that was fun. Say, what's that smell? Smells like...a fire. Oh

Yup, just as I thought. Looks like Vulpix decided to mark my Christmas
tree...Blastoise, put out the fire, would ya??


Well, while Vlastoise shows of his Hydro-Pumping best, I'll take the time to
say good luck and happy gaming!!