Original Deck

A hay or not a hay?

Well, I built this deck as soon as I got enough of the cards I needed

Pokemon: 25
4 mochop
3 mochoke
4 rattata
3 raticate
4 bellsprout
3 wepingbell
4 Buzz

Trainers: 8
4 Chaos gym
2 computer search
2 Pokemon Traders

Energy: 27
5 Lightning Energy
11 Grass energy
11 Fighting Energy

The point of this deck is to get out chaos gym as soon as possible. With 2 Computer Search and 4 Chaos gyms, it its highly likley that you get Chaos gym on turn 2. Once you get Chaos gym, use your opponents trainers to have deckdrawing ability to get all those stage 1 cards out. Then, Attack with full force!

Deck Fix

Deck Focus
   Definately a problem here. You're trying to run 3 evolution lines with only 8 trainers, and that certainly won't work. Raticate, machoke, and weepinbell all won't fit into the same deck like that.

   Okay, this needs quite a bit of remodeling. Drop the machokes - with raticate dealing a bunch of damage and weepinbell finishing off, with the support of buzz, machoke really won't be a huge help. Add in another Raticate and Weepinbell.

   This is WAY too much energy. Drop the fighting energy, and add in another 3 lightning, and take out a grass.

   Well 14 spots are now open and your in need of trainer help :). Add in 2 computer searches and pokemon traders to get some searching going. Now add 4 oaks. This will give you some card drawing you need. Add in 4 item finders to get back trainers and 2 garbage runs to shuffle your evolutions back into your deck.

Final Deck

Pokemon: 20
4 rattata
4 raticate
4 bellsprout
4 wepingbell
4 Buzz

Trainers: 22
4 Chaos gym
4 computer search
4 Pokemon Traders
4 Professor Oak
4 Item Finder
2 Nightly Garbage Run
Energy: 18
8 Lightning Energy
10 Grass energy

Good luck with the deck!