Original Deck

HI JEDI!!!!!!!!!
My deck is an original deck called ''Psychic Waves''
It is a mixture of water and psychic.

3-Misty's psyduck
2-Misty's golduck
3-MP mewtwo

3-gust of win(d)
3-item finder
3-comp. search
3-No removal gym
2-cerulean gym
3-Scoop up
2-NRG retrievel

9-psychic energy
10-water energy

STRATEGY-try to get out Mp mewtwo and get the second turn 40 damage combo. Stall with lapras' confuse ray and get out Mistys Golduck to deal some nice damage or mess up my opponet with Super Removal


Deck Fix

   Well, if you're running an evolution line, you might as well make it work ^_^. Add in another misty's psyduck and 2 more misty's golducks. This'll make the cards appear more in your hand and you'll have a better chance of getting a golduck out and powered. Add another MP mewtwo in cause it's great, and you should be set for pokemon =8^)

   You really don't need so much psychic energy...or water either for that matter. Cut it down to 8 psychic and 8 water and you should be set in this department as well

   A few really important things here, but before I forget, I'll mention that we will have to remove one card. Anyway, you have a lot of 3's and a couple 2's [# of copies of each card in deck]. This is definately bad. While not as bad as the people that carry dozens of single cards in a deck, the more concentrated your trainers the better probability of getting a specific trainer. If you have a greater probability of getting a better card every game by getting rid of the less-good cards, your deck will be more consistant, even though you'll have to eliminate a couple good cards that really look spectacular, but are doing less than other trainers can do for you. Drop the cerulean gym's, they really won't be of huge use. No removal gym will work nice, but you really don't need 3...2 should do fine. Drop the energy retrieval...NGR should do the trick as far as getting energy back is concerned. Add another bill, oak, item finder, computer search, and RSA. Take out one scoop up and your trainers are much better put together. The 4's definately have an edge over the 2 and 3's, so your deck should be much more consistant now :)

Final Deck

Pokemon: 15
4 Misty's psyduck
4 Misty's golduck
4 MP mewtwo
3 Lapras

Trainers: 29
4 bill
4 comp. search
4 item finder
4 oak
3 gust of wind
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 No removal gym
2 Scoop up

Energy: 16
8 psychic energy
8 water energy

Good luck with the deck!