hey iq test. i play in a dci league on tuesdays and saturdays and i am an
elite 4 member wich i s just 4 of us we are the best there and have been
looking for some good tournements. we each play with a different variation of
wigglys. mine is based on getting wigglytuff out with enought dodrios for a
free retreat cost and then rotate back and forth my heavy hitters. the
ericka's jigglypuff is mainly for first turn wins. hope you like it. i am the
one that emailed you about being a deck mechanic. i am for real do you think
it is possible for me to be one. i would love it. thanks for considering it
if i can or can't. email me back with an answer please. branjer123@aol.com

4 jigglypuffs
4 wigglytuffs
2 erika's jigglypuffs
2 lickitungs
4 duduo's
4 dodrios

4 gust of winds
4 plus powers
4 item finders
4 computer searches
4 bills
4 proffesor oaks
4 potions

4 potion energys
4 full heal energys
4 double colorless


I see that the point of your deck is to get quick knock outs, but I think that you should play more energy and more basics. Your deck doesn't need to play with 4 Dodrio or 4 Wigglytuff because you have enough trainers to find them when you need them, and I don't see the point of the Lickitung or any reason to use it in a deck this fast. 

You're still playing the same number of pokemon, but now you have more basics and new heavy hitters.

Pokemon (20):
4x Jigglypuff
3x Wigglytuff
2x Erika's Jigglypuff
3x Doduo
3x Dodrio
3x Electabuzz
2x TR Zapdos

Bill was replaced with challenge! because most of the time it will let you draw two cards, but if they accept the challenge! you'll be able to set up the Dodrio and the Wigglytuff. Mr. Fuji is like a better Scoop up because once Dodrio let's you retreat for free you'll be able to shuffle into your deck double colorless energies attached to injured Wigglytuffs and TR Zapdos will let you shuffle electric energy back into your deck. The Random Scoop up is there to retrieve a Zapdos that has electroburn or any injured pokemon. 

Trainers (25):

4x Professor Oak
3x Challenge!
4x Computer Search
4x Item Finder
3x Gust of Wind
4x Plus Power
2x Mr. Fuji
1x Scoop Up

You weren't playing enough energy, and potion energy is not the greatest thing to play. A deck with only 12 energy would probably loose to a deck that plays energy removals and super energy removals.

Energy (15):
4x Double Colorless Energy
2x Full Heal Energy
9x Electric Energy