Hey IQ!
Since your new, I wanted to be the first to get my deck rated by you.
Here is my deck, REVERSED FLANK:

Pokemon: (16)
2x Base Drowzee
2x TR Drowzees
4x Fossil Hypno
4x Game boy Promo Meowth
4x Fossil Hitmonlee

Trainers: (20)
3x Potion
3x Super Potion
3x Secret Mission
3x Energy Removal
3x Imposter Prof. Oak
2x Oak
3x Imposter Oak's Revenge

Energy: (24)
11x Fighting
11x Psychic
2x Double Colorless

The strategy of this deck is to basically attack from behind, at the
opponent's bench and hand.  Secret mission and the imposter oak family work
well together, and all of my pokemon can attack the bench except for
Drowzee.  I think it is a good idea, but it definitely needs a lot of work.
Thank you, and good luck as a deck mechanic!
-Julian Saunders


You have a good idea, but you're using the wrong pokemon, because Game boy Meowth and Hitmonlee aren't the best bench hitters out there, and if you make the entire deck psychic it would work a lot better, and you wouldn't have to use so much energy.

Your New Deck:

The Gengar line will help you more than the Meowth and the Hitmonlee with Gengars Pokemon power, and  Mr. Mime can easily take a couple of prizes with the aid of curse. Ditto was added to deal with Pokemon that are resistant to psychic, and to give you an early offense.

Pokemon: (20)
3x (TR) Drowzee
2x (F) Hypno
4x (F) Gastly
3x (F) Hunter
3x (F) Gengar
2x Mr. Mime
3x Ditto

Since you're already running Imposter Oak's Revenge is not a bad idea to play with Erika. The gust of winds and the Super Energy Removals will help you control the way your opponent plays, and Nightly Garbage Run is always nice when running evolutions. 

Trainers: (20)
3x Oak
4x Erika
3x Imposter Oak's Revenge
2x Nightly Garbage Run
3x S. Potion
2x Super Energy Removal
3x Gust of Wind

The only Change in the energy was to remove the fighting energy and add more psychic energy.

Energy: (20)
3x Double Colorless
17x Psychic

Well, good luck with your new deck.