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Rampaging Razorleaves
Deck Type:  Erika's Victreebel
December 6, 2000

Name: Josh Jones


Mirc Nickname (If you have one) :Gyranite

Email Address: Gyranite@psypoke.com


Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced(I can beat decks and construct good, just never make it to tournies)


Speed Metagame in your area: Fast/Ultra Turbo(I hate archtypes they are LAME) (I also hate WIGGLY!)

Strategy of your deck:*Gust* out pokemon mon with victreebel and then beat them down like dogs.

Deck Name: Rampaging razorleafs


Deck Listing
Pokémon 17

 3 Erika's sprout( any kind will do)
 3 Erika's Weepinbell(2 sleep poison)
 3 *Rings Victory Bell*(Pun intended) Erika'sVictreebel
 2 Rocket's Scyther
 2 Scyther
 4 squirtle(rocket to fight fire)

Trainers 18

 3 Erika's Maids
 3 No removal gym
 3 Computer Search
 4 Bill
 3 Oak
 2 Switch

Energy Types 25
21 Grass Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy

Well the problem in my area is wiggly and haymaker. people use R Zapdos and Wiggly to do crap loads of damage. My fear is that dumb zapdos.

Other info you feel is important: Try to stay with grass and colorless energy only please.

Thanx Doll for taking your time to read this e-mail.



Hey, Gyranite!!

When Gym came out, a Victreebel deck was one of the first decks that I put together.  It's attacks and Pokemon Power is simply awesome.  But you have discovered the same thing that I did when I started playing it... it just doesn't hold up to archetypes =(...  It's just WAY too slow to set up.  By the time you do, Wiggly and Hay have pretty much finished you off.   It's really sad, since I think this deck would be a blast, otherwise.  The only thing I can come up with that *might* help against 'Tuff and Zapdos is Clefable, so I've added him in here.  Also should take care of your fire opponents, so I dumped Squirtle.  I really can't guarantee this will work, but it should help some.  The BEST advice I could give is to only allow opponents that will agree to non-Archetype matches  =)))


Dump Squirtle for the Clefable line.  Get rid of Rocket's Scyther for a bit more room.  Go with particular Bellsprouts and Weepinbells.


Try Pokemon Trader and see if that helps you set up faster.  Item Finder is a must. The rest looks good.


Made some room in the Grass #'s.  The Erika's Bellsprout I chose should help compensate some.

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #18
3 Erika's Bellsprout (Lv13 Challenge - PP Soak Up)
3 Erika's Weepinbell (Lv30 Heroes - Vine Whip)
3 Erika's Victreebel
3 Scyther
3 Clefairy
3 Clefable

Trainers - #22
3 Erika's Maids
3 Pokemon Trader
2 No Removal Gym
3 Computer Search
3 Item Finder

2 Bill
4 Oak
2 Switch

Energy - #20
17 Grass Energy
3 Double Colorless Energy


Josh, just get yourself some Non-Archetype opponents and have some fun with this!

 ~ Doll

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