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Dark Raichu's Revenge
Deck Type: Electric
December 13, 2000


Name: Rick Chang
mIRC nickname (if you have one):
Email Address:
Skill Level:
Speed Metagame in your area:
Strategy of your deck:
Use Promo Pika and charge first turn.  Get out Dark
Raichu and use Surprise Lightning.  Buzz and R. Zappy are there for speed
purposes and to clean up the hopefully very beatup bench pokemon.  Rocket's
Training Gym is there for being a gym and helping the bench killing theme.  I
lay down Energy Removals to slow them down and usually use up all my Item
Finders, Nightly Garbage Runs to get them back.

Deck Name:
Dark Raichu's Revenge
Deck Listing (please include quantity of each card also)

Pokémon -15
4 Promo Pikachu(the one with charge)
3 Dark Raichu
4 Electabuzz
4 Rocket's Zapdos

Trainers -30
4 Professor Oak
4 Bill
4 Computer Search
4 Energy Removals
3 Super Energy Removals
4 Item Finders
2 Nightly Garbage Run
3 Gust Of Wind
2 Rocket's Training Gym

Energy Types -15
15 Electric Energy
How does your deck do?:
This deck has won most of the games it has played.  
Clefable has given me problems, although not very often have i faced a
Clefable, but often enough.  Fossil Magmar is also a problem.  He always
kills off my Dark Raichu and Electabuzz.  My main concern is Wiggly.  He
kills off all my pokemon with a Plus Power.  Wiggly decks beat me the most.  
Decking is no problem cause I have never decked out but have been very close
to it.  

Other info you feel is important:
I've tried to splash in Ditto, Chansey, and
Scyther, but they don't work for me(I have no clue either).  I want this to
keep it's Raichu and Energy Removal theme.  I also want this to be


Hey, Rick...

This is a really nice electric deck.  What is amazing is that just a few months ago, I (along with many others) considered Electric to be the weakest color by far.  Electric decks were practically non-existent, and the only really playable Electric card was Electabuzz.  With Team Rocket came Dark Raichu, and combined with Movie Promo Pikachu, was decent, but not quite enough to make an electric deck viable (believe me, Scott and I tried).  And then... Gym Challenge... and.... ROCKET ZAPDOS!  Oh yeah!  NOW, we have the makings of an excellent electric deck!  Rocket Zapdos has the resistance to Fighting that Buzz and Raichu have a weakness to, giving a true electric deck the balance it begged for. 

Your deck looks great.  There was only one thing that really seemed to ask for a change.  Your Gym... I think you can add to your bench attack better by using Rocket's Minefield Gym, which makes players flip whenever a new basic to their bench.  Yes, you can get hurt by this, but if you play it right, you get your bench down fast, then drop the Gym.  Now, when your opponent drops a basic, he could take 20, putting him in even closer range for Dark Raichu to bring it to the brink of death.


I'm going to take off a single Electabuzz to make some room.  If you are running into a lot of Clefable decks, you may want to elim the Zapdos instead.  If you are up against a 'Fable deck, avoid bringing Zapdos out at all.


Adjusted some numbers to make some room.  Here is where you will find your answer to Wigglytuff.  Energy Removal and Super ER plus Gust are excellent answers to 'Tuff.  I'm also including 2 Narrow Gyms to take the edge off of Wiggly's power.  Narrow Gym also has some other interesting uses, so it won't be dead space against a non-Wiggly deck... you can use it to get rid of a No Removal Gym that someone may play against you (No ER Gym definitely hurts your strategy).  Another use for Narrow is if you have a heavily damaged Pokemon on your bench, you can fill your bench, then play Narrow to return one to your hand, including all attached cards such as Energies.  You can also use it to dump your own Minefield if their bench is already full and you need to add to your own. And, as a more useful Gym, I've of course included Minefield to further damage their bench.



New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #14
4 Movie Promo Pikachu
3 Dark Raichu
3 Electabuzz
4 Rocket's Zapdos

Trainers - #31
4 Professor Oak
2 Bill
3 Computer Search
4 Energy Removals
4 Super Energy Removals
4 Item Finders
2 Nightly Garbage Run
4 Gust Of Wind
2 Rocket's
Minefield Gym
2 Narrow Gym

Energy - #15
15 Electric Energy


Have fun and good luck!

 ~ Doll

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