Hi Israel,
 this the second time I have sent you a deck so pleaseeee post this
because I've got a statewide tourney in 8 days. you should know that the
strategy is to get out Wiggly turn two with a full bench, then RSA to get rid
of any useful/card drawing trainers, and quickly mow down there Pokemon.

4 Jigglypuff
3 Wigglytuff
3 Electabuzz
3 Mewtwo
2 Scyther

Trainers (29)
3 Computer Search
2 Item Finder
4 Bill
4 Plus Power
3 Gust Of Win (d)
2 Scoop Up
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 No ER Gym
4 Professor Oak
Energy (16)
6 Electric Energy
6 psychic Energy
P.S.Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Post
This (Thanks for posting this, or at least for reading down this far)
Sincerely, Aaron Hall
I'm sorry that I couldn't post your deck the first time, but you have to understand 
that I have to go trough a lot of decks everyday and that I can't post them all. 
I'm not saying that I don't want you guys to send me your decks, but to understand 
that I can't post every deck I get. OK, let's talk about the deck. You have enough 
basics, and a decent amount of energy. That's good :). I don't like the idea of only 
using 2 item finders, and I would use Lass over RSA, but it's your choice. 2 item 
finder not so good :(.
Your new Deck
The only change was to remove a Jigglypuff, and add a TR Zapdos.
Pokemon (15)
3x Jigglypuff
3x Wigglytuff
3x Electabuzz
1x TR Zapdos 
3x Mewtwo
2x Scyther

Your trainers only need it a couple of changes. I think challenge would be a little better 
than Bill, and that Lass should replace RSA. The idea of only 2 item finders bothers me, so
I decide it to drop a RSA/Lass for the third one.

Trainers (29)
3x Computer Search
3x Item Finder
2x Bill
2x Challenge!
4x Plus Power
2x RSA/Lass
3x Gust Of Win (d)
2x Scoop Up
2x Nightly Garbage Run
2x No ER Gym
4x Professor Oak
I don't see any problems with the energy.

Energy (16)
6 Electric Energy
6 psychic Energy

Good luck with your new deck.