Hi guys, Thundachu here. I decided I would write an article about 15+ situation as with the Professor Program.


First of all, I would like to take the side of Ness' article that he wrote yesterday. DCI was really idiotic to threaten to take away his membership just because he insulted the program. I have gone over the rules of being a professor. No where does it say that you have to like the program to be a member. =/


When DCI took away the Pokemon 15+ age group, I was kind of happy and kind of mad at the same time. Happy because the older people usually win tournaments and things, will no longer get a chance. Now that I look at it, in 2 years, I will no longer be able to play in DCI sanctioned tournaments except for petty side games. I mean, if you really look at it, playing in the STS would be rather more fun than just playing in a side event that costs 5.00.


A few months after DCI eliminated the 15+ they decided they would make up it and create the Professor Program. I find this program really stupid. wow! Take a test of so many questions and get so many right and you get to tell 14- people what they are doing wrong. =/. Maybe it is only me, but I would rather play in the tournament than JUDGE the tournament.


If your asked to go to a tourney like Worlds and judge it, odds are your going to have to play for a plane trip to and from. WHY would you spend your money on a airplane trip just to go to a tourney and judge it? STUPID!!! Sure, after you are done judging you could probably play in a side tournament, but that is 5.00. Why go all the way to another state/country to judge?


This is why I think Wizards really scr00ed up this time. =/ .