It would take too long to write about the whole trip, so I'm just going to write about the Professor/Wizards Challenge.  Here's the deck I played

Chuck's Chansey

Pokemon- 16

4 Cleffa
3 Igglybuff
2 Tyrogue
2 Chansey
2 Scyther
2 Unown N
1 Ditto

Energy- 13

4 Metal
4 Recycle
1 Grass

Trainers- 31

2 Oak
2 Elm
4 Comp
3 Finder
3 Lass
2 Gust
1 Double Gust
1 Scoop Up
2 Gold Berry
2 Healing Fields
3 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
2 Energy Charge
1 Nightly Garbage Run

Round 1 VS Classic Hay W/ R. Zapdos.

Somewhat fast game.  He goes first, lasses, and Plasmas my lone Chansey.  I draw, play a DCE (Threatening a Double-Edge for game next turn.) Scrunch and it works.  He draws a removal =( and Passes.  I draw a removal, play a grass, play the removal, and pass.  He draw nothing, I draw the Comp.  Game 2 turns later.


Round 2 Vs Light Golduck/Dark Executor

She opened with 3 Psyducks VS my Cleffa.  I just gusted and edged whenever she got a Golduck and removed the rest.  good game.


Round 3 VS Slowking

Had to run into King eventually.  I opened with a Scyther active and benched an Unown (I fear FTKO more than ANYONE except Ness).  He goes first, gusts Unown, fury swipes for 30.  I remove his dark.  I have no drawing, but I do have a cleffa and a recycle in my hand.  I decided to let him KO the Unown since it is just something he can mean look for game later.  He plays a recycle and gets the heads he needs.  I eeeeeeeeeek.  He has a few kings out, but I have the Igglys.  I gust the King and my Lass works, nailing his switch.  He builds the King and gets the 2 heads to KO Cleffa.  I play a Metal on the Scyther after he confused it and started doing 20 to him every turn.  After King was KOed, I supered away my Metal AND got 2 Dark off his Sneasel (NOT BAD).  I ended up winning with like 15 seconds left. 


Round 4 VS Lassless Slowking =/

He went first and got a great setup.  2 Sneasel, a Murkrow, and 3 Slowpokes.  He gusts my Scyther and Meanlooks?!?!  I was like "WHERE'S THE LASS YOU FOOL"!  I simply gust a Slowpoke, play a Recycle on my Cleffa, Lass, and Eeeeek =/.  The game was looooooooong and boring.  But I had 2 Igglys for his 3 Kings (3rd igg was in prizes).  And it ended up with me forcing him to Dark his own King to get it out of the active slot.  It went downhill for him from there.


Round 5 VS Erikas Jiggly/Scyther/Fable

Tough match for me.  He played Pokemon tower, so recycles were like nothing.  He goes first (I'm 0-5 on going first here) and Smash Punches my Igglybuff,  2 heads.  I send up my lone Ditto and Smash Punch.  2 Heads (Phew). The game goes on and I Eeeeeeek for a total of ZERO times the entire game.  Its just my Scyther VS his babys at the end, but he has a 1-4 Prize lead and theres like 5 mins left.  My turns are literally like 2 seconds. Draw, Slash, Baby flip.  I end up getting the 4 prizes when he has 0 cards in his deck anyway.  He was a nice guy for playing his turns fast as well when he could have stalled for the win.


Round 6 VS Johnny Blaze and his Zapdos deck

Another deck with Pokemon Towers. I'm in trouble I THOUGH but I lassed him and he couldn't draw ANYTHING.  Chansey got me down to one prize left but he started to make an amazing comeback.  It came down to him trash exchanging to try and get a gust back for the draw, but he didn't get it.  It was 2-1 prizes in my favor, but time was called and he couldn't get the last prize.  GREAT game. 

6-0  one 2 point win

Round 7 VS Elaine Chase and her Wiggly/Sneasel

She had 5 wins and a draw so I knew she was good, but I went first for the first time in the entire tourney and got a quick win.  She has a lone Cleffa, I play a DCE on my Scyther, Oak, bench a Cleffa, send it active, and Lass.  She has 4 energy, I have the DCE.  She draws and her eeeeeek fails, I send up Scyther and my Slash works.  Sorry Elaine =P.

I took first getting a box from every set EXCEPT Base 2 and Fossil.  DARN *rolls eyes*.  I got 2 extra Neo 4 Boxes instead ====P.  I also got 30 of each foil energy, a Pikachu World Collection, a Pokemon Backpack, A 2nd Jacket, a Neo 3 holo set, and a plaque that WOULD be awesome if it wasn't for that awful joke at the end.  "Ah, to be young again....and a robot."  Professor Farnsworth - Futurama.  I decided to quit Pokemon for having to read that (J/K) =/.  All in all it was a great tournament with great prizes.  Props to the Master Trainers, especially both Mikes, those guys rock.