>             Hi spike/Vulpix  this is Cabbage man I have recently made
>a deck called Venumoths revenge .It's a grass deck which I have been
>experimenting with it's record is 4 wins 2 losses.I have only been able to play
>against one major archetype-Raindance that used 4 garydos I won.It still needs some work
>             My strategy is to get Venusoar out quickly and use Syther
>or Venomoth to attack.Venomoth is a very cost effective attacker using his pokemon
>power he does 20 damage and might confuse and poison!! Venusoar is used
>mainly for his pokemon power but his 60 damage attack can put up a good
>fight. Syther is in for his 30damage attack and 70 hp, he also has a
>resistance to fighting type pokemon.
>             I think that my trainers need the most attention.I am
>wondering about taking out the double colourless energy.
>             Heres my deck I hope you can help it.
>             pokemon
>             Venonat x4 [good starter, evolves to Venomoth]
>             Venomoth x3
>             Syther x3 [all rounder]
>             Bubasoar x4
>             Ivysoar x1
>             veusoar x2 [poke power]
>                   17
>         trainers
>             oak x1
>             bill x3 [amazing]
>             SER x2[ditto]
>             ER x2 [ditto]
>             coputer search x2 [get venusoar]
>             GOW x3[kill that Magicarp]
>             Switch x2
>             Poke Center x4[watch their face hit the floor]
>             Poke Breeder x1
>                    20
>             energy
>             Grass x21
>             Double colourless x2


1) In my opinion, Venusaur is taking up space in this deck and isn't really doing much. Venomoth takes 2 turns to power up. Scyther, 2 or 3. Energy Trans isn't needed here. Take him out to make a HUGE difference in your card space. Just slap in a way to deal with fire and you're done. I like something colorless like Chansey, Kangaskhan or Ditto. And move Scyther up to 4, mmkay?

2) You're right, Bill is amazing. But Oak is even more so. All of your Removal should be of the Super sort IMO, since this deck is very low on the Energy requirements. Other than that, it's the same old same old. PlusPower, Item Finder--all of the favorites should make an appearance. I am becoming a big fan of Nightly Garbage Run as well. Center is no longer really useful, and Switch is definitely NOT needed anymore. =)

3) Do NOT take out the DCE... in fact, with Scyther and some Colorless coming in, 4 are a must. The grass energy (which you won't need much of at all) will fill out the deck.


15 Pokemon:

4 Venonat
3 Venomoth
4 Scyther
2 Kangaskhan
2 Ditto

25 Trainers:

3 Bill
3 Oak
3 Computer Search
2 Item Finder
3 PlusPower

20 Energy:

16 Grass Energy


The Ditto/Kangaskhan ratio is just a SWAG (scientific wildly assumed guess.) Playtesting is neccessary here--you may end up running all of one and none of the other. I hope my so-called expertise is helpful, but you also need a good understanding of your own playing style and environment to do well. Good luck!


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