>Hey Spike, I have tried many deck mechanics and none of them had
>answered me
>deck.  I really need a fix for my deck because I am going to enter my
>tournament available in September.
>Here is my deck
>Pokemon (18)
>3 Bulbasaurs
>2 Ivysaurs
>2 Venusaurs ( Base)
>3 Squirtle
>2 Wartortle
>2 Blastoise ( Base)
>2 Lapras
>2 Scyther
>Trainers (17)
>2 Professor Oaks
>2 Bills
>2 SER
>2 Pokemon Breeder ( To get Venusaur and Blastoise out faster)
>3 Computer Searches
>3 Gust of wind
>3 NGR (To get back pokemon and energy used for CPU and Oak)
>Energy (25)
>12 Water
>11 Plant
>2 Double Colorless
>My stradegy is to start with either lapras or scyther duh!  I should
>have squirtle or bulbasaur on the bench to power up.  This is why I
>went with
>3-2-2 families and Pokemon Breeders count as another ivysaur or
>If I dont get these cards I use my computer search to get the card such
>P.B. or the stage 1's.  NGR is to get back any energy or pokemon I sent
>the discard pile.  I do not know how good this deck is but in
>playtesting I
>realized i needed switches but I do not know where to put them in.  I
>do not
>know what people play in my area except I do not like archetypes such
>haymakers raindance, etc.  Please fix my deck.


Two Stage 2 = bad. Conflicting themes = bad. One or the other has to go, and since you say you don't like Raindance I'll try to whip you up a little Energy Transfer deck here.

1) Water family goes, naturally. We can then afford to beef Venusaur up a little more and round out the number of Scythers. Venusaur + Scyther makes for a very solid base to the deck, and we can add Ditto or Chansey for colorlessness and protection against weakness. In some situations, Ditto is really bad, in others, he's really good. Learn to tell the difference and to plan ahead so your opponent doesn't end up with a free prize.

2) You need more drawing power than that, and the removal is kind of unneccessary. In addition, you want Item Finder, PlusPower, and Pokemon Center (every Venusaur deck should have at least a couple.) We should have a goodly amount of free space, so it's not a problem. Let me explain--Item Finder is just good. PlusPower is good with Scyther and Venusaur (does the number 70 mean anything to you?) Other than that, you've already got the neccessary trainers--Computer Search and NGR are good as always.

3) You want 4 DCE. Then fill the cracks with Grass energy. 21-24 total energy is a nice number.


16 Pokemon:

4 Bulbasaur
3 Ivysaur
2 Venusaur
4 Scyther
3 Ditto

23 Trainers:

3 Bill
3 Oak
3 Computer Search
2 Item Finder
2 Pokemon Breeder
2 Gust Of Wind
3 PlusPower
2 Pokemon Center

21 Energy:

17 Grass Energy


Yes, it's a low amount. But never fear--you've got 4 DCE, and Venusaur probably won't be fully powered until the late game (when NGR starts to take effect.) Good job with this deck, and good luck!


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