>Hi Spike, well I decided I'd give you a nice fun fix... The deck I used in the 30 HP tourney, I think it may need a little more help if I >enter it in a tourney again Thanx Spike
>30 HP beatdown
>4 tentacool (all non-diglett 30 HP pokemon shouldnt be able to kill this so i just keep cowardicing)
>4 diglett (no explanation needed)
>4 fossil (for kabuto)
>3 Kabuto (its legal and in a way has 60 HP)
>4 rattatta (powerhouse)
>4 professor oaks (duh)
>2 computer searches(read avove)
>4 potion (very helpful)
>4 defender (even more helpful)
>4 energy removal(helpful)
>3 Maintenence (Why not?)
>10 fighting energy (dont ask)
>10 water enrgy (read above)
>oh of course the strategy, umm i couldnt really think of one for a 30 HP deck, maybe stall with tentacool while I build up diglett's >on the bench, souns good!
>That's my deck, Thanx Spike I really want to win a tourney with this (and no I'm not an idiot)


Perhaps I should explain... A while back I started holding strange unofficial tournaments (Sealed deck, Constructed with weird formats) on IRC. I haven't done it in a while because I've been busy decompensating. I'll start them up soon again, I hope. Anyway, the format for one of these tournaments was that none of the Pokemon could have more than 30 HP. This made for a very interesting tournament. While I probably won't have another of those (we pretty much exhausted the gamut of possible deck types right then and there) it was cool!

On to the fix...

1) This deck is virtually identical to my own deck for the tournament, with the exception that I ran Abra instead of Kabuto. I believe this is the best way to run the deck. Taking the time to evolve Kabuto isn't really worth it since it can only plink away for 10 damage, no status effects, and gets killed dead by Diglett (which EVERYBODY was running) anyway. Deleting Kabuto and putting in Abra opens up some slots. Believe me, too, when I tell you that paralysis can be some good. Another good thing is that now every Poke in the deck has free retreat... yummy. That's about it, as there really isn't that much to choose from.

2) In the tourney, I simply ran 4-4-3-3 on Bill, Oak, Search, and Finder. I also ran 4 NGR, 4 Defender, and 4 PlusPower. Trust me when I say PlusPower is good here--it helps Rattata and Abra get KOs and helps work around Defender (which EVERYBODY uses, and for good reason.) I'm not sure of the efficacy of Potion here--I think PlusPower fills it better. ER isn't incredible since most of these only take 1 energy to attack. And Maintenance... WHY???

3) Energy is pretty straightforward. You want some of each color, with the emphasis on Fighting since Diglett needs 2 of color to do 30.

I won't list cards here, since so much of it is dependent on what you want to do... I've told you some of the things I'd do. This format is just for laughs anyway, and as I've said it gets pretty limited after a while... although there ARE some 30 HP Poke in Gym Heroes. Hmm...


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