>Hiya Spike and vulpix!
>its me, Jason with a neat lil' deck for you. its OK, in my opinion, but
>i get
>wiped out by Pure Haymakers. on the other end, it cuts through stall
>like butter. (i beat my freinds Mulligan Mewtwo deck with it, (and not
>much, either))
>anyway, all i want is to beat a haymaker. *Groan* but the metagame here
>"Kamakaze Ancient Mew" decks (gawd awful decks to face)
>However, take into consideration that i have VERY FEW rare cards, (and
>fewer of ones that would fit this deck)
>Anyway, ill shut up now, Dewgong, the decklist, if you please.
>3xDewgong(Main point of deck)
>4xSeel(even TV show ash could figure this one out)
>2xElectrode(...Tis a far far batter thing i do...)
>3xVoltorb (another element of the Kamekaze decks in the area)
>3xElectabuzz(hmmm......not TOO great for the theme, but couldnt think
>anything else to put in.)
>3xER (no good on haymakers)
>4xSER(same as above)
>2xMr. Fuji(to alliveiate former decking problems)
>3xItem Finder(Oak-sama!...come back!)
>2xRetreival(19 energy + Paranoia)
>4xBill (Bill-san and Oak-sama belong in every deck)
>2xOak(see above)
>3xComp Search (heeere dewgongdewgongdewgong!)
>^_^ i know it could be better, but i cant think of how...i dun have
>but i have alot of colorless pokes.  Pleeeease help, my Haymaker Homie
>getting really Egotistical.


Hmm. Electric/Water has to be one of the least often seen deck types, simply because it doesn't suggest itself. Excuse me a minute... I need to sharpen my deck-fixing machete. There we go. How can I help you? Oh, right, you've a deck that needs fixing.

1) 4/3 Dewgong... no problem there. Electrode... problem there. A) he can't use colorless energy (bad in a multi-color deck) and B) the purpose you seem to be using him for is somewhat misguided. You're intending to Buzzap him onto Dewgong? Well... The only real advantage to doing that is to get Dewgong powered up 2nd turn. The chances of your starting out with Seel and Voltorb, then finding Electrode and Dewgong by the second turn, are remarkably small. Now that we've ruled out an early-game Buzzap, we have the possibility of a late-game Buzzap. Trouble is, in the late game, we probably won't want to give away the prize. Out goes Electrode.

Now then... We should probably go go one evo line (Dewgong) and the rest basics.  And if you're losing to haymakers, it just might be because your electric Poke are getting Jabbed and Dewgong is getting Thunderpunched. Try taking out Electabuzz and going to Fighting as your second color. Good... good. Hitmonchan and Scyther should do you real nice. I often recommend a single Kangaskhan or something similar to be searched for in time of need. You can also add a couple of Chanseys. Regardless, I won't put either in my decklist because they're personal touches and the deck will run fine without them.

2) I no longer recommend Fuji to alleviate decking problems. I now recommend Rocket's solution: NGR. This handy little card will also take the place of Energy Retrieval. If you think the retrieval needs to be in there anyway, you can find a way to work it in by trimming some other trainers. Bill/Oak... you're right, they should be in almost every deck, but you need more Oak these days. 3/4 would be better. We've got Item Finder too, so what else... of course. PlusPower! This handy little card will work wonders for you. So will Gust of Wind. We're probably going to need some space, in which case I think SER should get the axe...

3) Hold on... did you list your energy... I dun see it. Oh well, it's easy enough to figure out. 4 Scyther = 4 DCE. Then some water, then some fighting... Get the idea?


15 Pokemon:

4 Seel
3 Dewgong
4 Hitmonchan
4 Scyther

24 Trainers:

3 Bill
3 Oak
3 Computer Search
3 Item Finder
4 ER
3 PlusPower

21 Energy:

5 Fighting Energy
12 Water Energy


Don't be alarmed at the low amount of fighting energy. Keep in mind you've got NGR. Plus, you should rarely find yourself laying more than one energy on Hitmonchan. He's here to open for you and to teach Lightning trainers not to mess with your poor helpless Dewgong. In those capacities, he will perform admirably. Good luck with this deck!


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