--- Robert J Morgan <morganshouse1@juno.com> wrote:
> Finally,my dream has come true! My parents are
> letting me send my
> haymaker deck to you. I have won some tourneys with
> it. It is pretty good
> in my opion,i hope ya like it.Oh ya i almost forget.
> I have a Scyther
> thats a big fan of Vulpix. He wanted to say
> And now here is my [drumroll] haymaker deck.
>                                             SCYTHER
>      3xScyther
>      3xHitmonchan
>      3xMr.mime
>      3xElectabuzz [why do some people call him
> Elctrobuzz?]
>      1xPonyta[Scyther pees his pants when Ponyta
> comes to rumble]
>      1xKangashan
>      3xEnergy Removal 
>     3xProfessor Oak
>     4xGust of Wind
>      1xComputor search
>      3xPluspower
>      2xItem Finder
>      4xBill
>      2xScoop Up
>     1xEnergy Retrival
>     7xFight energy
>     6xEletric Energy
>     6xPsy Energy

Okay. This isn't really a Haymaker, it's a Potpourri,
and a pretty old one at that. It's been a long time
(almost a year) since the heyday of this deck, but
that doesn't mean it's not viable. Let me just help
you bring it up to speed.

First of all, Mime right now is just bait for any
number of Pokemon. He's no longer the awesome metagame
choice that he was in the days when Jungle was the
most recent set. I'd drop him for another Psychic that
I don't believe was around when Potpourri first came
together-- Mewtwo! Trust me, our absorbing friend is
too awesome to miss out on. Scyther, Electabuzz, and
Hitmonchan are still good, so leave them. A single
Kangaskhan is good. Ponyta is not quite so good-- true
he kills Scythers, but this deck shouldn't have a huge
problem with that anyway, and I don't think here it's
worth running a weak basic that serves no other
purpose in the deck. Just take him out and hold the

I'd distribute my trainers just a bit differently.
First, drop to 3 Bill--you can use the slot for
something that will win more games for you than that
single Bill. I think that something is another Energy
Retrieval. Drop down to 3 GOW (4 is overkill with Item
Finder) and use that slot along with the one from
earlier for two NGR (another excellent card that has
come along in recent sets.) Experiment and see if you
could replace the Retrieval with more NGR. Lastly,
replace ER with SER-- it's just better here.

Energy-wise I'd give Psychic the 7 energy because you
often won't find yourself putting 2 energy of color on
Hitmonchan. Actually, I'd go with 5 of each color
energy and 4 Rainbow E if you can.

Dat's it. Good luck!

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