>Hey Spike!  Wazzup?
>Harty here.
>I built this deck for my friend over the phone, writing down
>After I was finished, I looked at the deck.  IT LOOK INCREDIBLE ON
>am considering entering the Gym Pre-Release Tournament and the Local
>Tournament with this, ( I don't like Archetypes, but I have a Haymaker
>case I need it).  I tried the deck at the Pokemon League and had 3
>with it.  It won all 3 (they were against 3 of the 5 good players, I'm
>really starting to dislike that Father/Son duo...).
>Anyways here is The Water-Logged Spooked-Out Mighty Duck.
>3x F. Gastly
>2x B. Haunter (I'll explain later)
>4x TR. Psyduck
>3x F. Golduck
>3x TR. Magikarp
>2x B. Gyrados
>3x Lapras
>3x Oak
>1x Gambler(to refill deck)
>4x Bill
>4x Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!
>4x Gust of Wind
>13x Water
>11x Psychic
>The Base Haunter is combined with Sleep! Sleep! Sleep! to do 50 damage
>turn. Gyrados is a powerhouse.  Lapras is a starter.  Golduck can use
>energy.  The TR Psyduck allows you to draw a card and have a turn 2
>gun. I think this Psyduck is better than Fossil.
>Well that's it.
>Please don't add many Jungle cards, I don't have many.


This is just a deck I picked at random. It has some good points and it has some bad points.

1) The Base Haunter thing is kind of unreliable, to say the least. And there's no real point for it--it just clogs up the deck. Get it out of here and go with the Gyarados/Golduck/Lapras thing. Actually, put in a couple Articuno to guard against electric. If electric is just a huge problem in your area, you may want to take out Lapras for Scyther or something. But you don't say so, so I won't assume so. The Pokemon are pretty good--removing Haunter patched most of the holes. Lastly, since we'll lose the psy energy, Fossil Golduck is probably best for your purposes.

2) Oak good. Gambler so-so. Bill Good. Sleep! Sleep! gone. Gust of wind needs to be cut down so we can get some searching, drawing, PlusPowering in there. PlusPower = good. Item finder will do good. Maybe removal if we have room. It's 10:00 PM on Tuesday. I'm starting to giggle strangely. Hehehe.

3) All water energy. If you put in Scytha' or some other funky colorless Pokemon to help compensate for that there Lightning weakness, you want some DCE. If you don't, you don't.


17 Pokemon:

4 Psyduck
3 Golduck
3 Magikarp
2 Gyarados
2 Articuno
3 Lapras

21 Trainers:

3 Oak
3 Bill
2 Computer Search
2 Item Finder
3 PlusPower
4 Energy Removal
2 Nightly Garbage Run:

22 Energy:

22 Water Energy


Hehe. Hehehehehe. Hehehehe.


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