>i call it the "phych swap"
>i need help with my deck please help me make it better and i also need
>rated i have
>1 ancient mew
>4 kadabras
>4 jynx
>3 drowzees
>3 abras
>2 alakazams
>1 fossil gastly and  1 basic gastly
>1 basic mewtwo and 2 movie promo mewtwos
>2 clefairys
>1 fossil gengar
>2 basic haunters and 1 fossil hainter
>4 plus powers
>3 gust of winds
>1 defender
>2 bills
>2 energy retrieval
>1 energy removal
>20 psychic energys
>can you please tell me how to make it better


Arg. What you're seeing here is Spike's charitable streak kicking in. This deck needs some serious work. Anybody who's watching who's thinking of sending me a deck... get yo' pencils and paper out and take some notes.

1) You're going for a damage swap theme, as indicated by the name and by the presence of Alakazam. Actually, your Alakazam family is the only thing that makes any sense here (and that's if you accidentally switched the numbers of Kadabra and Abra, which I fervently hope you did.) I want to try and keep some elements of your original deck, so how shall we make this work? I like the idea of an Alakazam/Haunter damage swap deck, so let's take that and run with it. Gengar will not be included, as two Stage 2's tends to be a bit much.

After taking out everything but a 4-3-2 Alakazam evolution and a 3-2 Haunter line (all ghosts should be Fossil), toss in a few Chanseys for damage absorption and a couple Mewtwos for heavy hitting. That should about do you up. This is beginning to look a lot like the last deck I fixed, but let's face it, decks with Base Alakazam in them tend to develop along the same lines. You're about done.

Oh yes... did I mention you should TAKE OUT ANCIENT MEW??! I do NOT want to see this guy. He's a 30 HP who retreats for 2, chances are he won't even live long enough to use his attack, and (worst of all) putting him in makes you look like a little kid who'll put anything in his deck that's a) shiny, b) a promo, or c) "cool" (such as Mew or Pikachu.) Not to say there couldn't be a good use for him... but I haven't thought of it yet. Of course, Spike is rarely the first to think up new tech, so I'll just keep my big hole shut for right now...

2) I see that you have no card drawing. This is bad. You will put card drawing in right now. Actually, why don't you rip EVERYTHING out and put in the following trainers (take careful notes here):

3 Bill
3 Oak
2 Computer Search
2 Item Finder

This, I find, is a very solid Trainer base for any deck that can be tweaked further based on the deck's specific needs. For example, here you'll want Scoop Up, Breeder and NGR, as well as probably Switch to save Alakazam's 3-retreat rear end from enemy Gusts. Can you tell I've already fixed a similar deck this week?

3) Energy is, as always, ridiculously easy. Unless you see a reason for Full Heal energy and such, we're going with 4 DCE and the rest psy.


17 Pokemon:

4 Abra
1 Kadabra
2 Alakazam
3 Gastly
2 Haunter
3 Chansey
2 Mewtwo

22 Trainers:

3 Bill
3 Oak
2 Computer Search
2 Item Finder
2 Switch
3 Scoop Up
2 Pokemon Breeder

21 Energy:

17 Psychic Energy


Note that there are a few differences from the other deck (Psycho Fuse.) Readers are encouraged to give both fixes a quick read. Anyway, this deck is vastly improved. I hope you picked up on some of the concepts I was using and understood why I did some of the things I did. I may yell and act all annoyed, but I really want to help people get a better understanding of how to construct good decks and play the game well. Good luck!


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