>::walks in...suddenly a time portal opens and the ground cracks::  Wow!
>Hey Spike! This my deck called Time Riven. I named it that because it
>represents the 3 "phases of war" in the pokemon game. (see Pojos
>strategy guide)
>I thought about "Time Portal" or "Time Burn" but "Time Riven" sounds so
>cooler! haha...seeing as you are the fire expert...i thought id send it
>you! here goes
>Time Riven v. 1.6
>Pokes 18
>4x Magmar (Opening Game)
>3x Jigglypuff (Opening Game)
>2x Wigglytuff (Opening/Mid)
>4x Growlithe (Mid...opening only if hes only basic)
>3x Arcanine (Mid game)
>2x Moltres (End game)
>Trainers 21
>3x Bill
>3x Oak
>3x Plus Power
>2x Challenge!
>2x GoW
>3x Switch
>2x Computer Search
>2x Item Finder
>1x E. Retrieval  ( i know i know...single? well i do have 2 item
>Energy 21
>17x Fire Energy
>4x DCE
>Duh...open with magmar...most always i get one so its all gravy...use
>bill/oak to find growlithe and start loading up the big guns! On a rare
>occasion does growlithe not pop up somehow...but if it does
>happen...flip to
>Jiggly/Wiggly. went undefeated at league (what an accomplishment huh?) 
>only have 1 E. Retrieval cuz most of the time i just use Take Down cuz
>by the
>time hes loaded to do so...i can take 2 prizes and have another on
>ready to go.Some of my ques are if i should remove Jiggly family for
>something else opening up 7 Spaces! (pokes plus Challenge) v 1.0 had no
>or seaching or item finder....big mistake.....soo...any suggestions are
>welcome! thanks spike!


Big mistake, indeed. =) Well, I like the deck theme, and I must admit it allows you to use a VERY cool name. Shall we begin?

1) I dunno about Wiggly. It seems like you want to go with either Arcanine or Wiggly--one or the other. Since you didn't specify a preference (and indeed you imply that Wiggly is your backup plan) I thought for a minute, concluded that the world did NOT need another Wiggly deck (indeed, I already turned a deck into a Wiggly deck once this week!). Hence, we'll go with Arcanine. Some protection against water would still be nifty, so let's stick in 4 Scythers--another great early-game Pokemon. We can maybe drop Magmar to 3 if we need space. Moltres is perfect at 2 since you probably will not need to draw one until the late game.

2) I like your trainers. You're right, Challenge can go bye-bye, and indeed it wasn't too useful in the first place. Switch is, in my opinion, not worth it here. What can we use the space for? Well...how about, say, 1 more Search and some NGR? NGR will help keep you from decking, replenish energy, and snag a Magmar or Moltres that may have disappeared early on. Other than that, you're good! If we have some space, it can go to Energy Removal.

3) The energy looks like quite enough to me; good job.


16 Pokemon:

3 Magmar
4 Scyther
4 Growlithe
3 Arcanine
2 Moltres

23 Trainers:

3 Bill
3 Oak
3 Computer Search
2 Item Finder
3 PlusPower
4 Energy Removal

21 Energy:

17 Fire Energy


How does it look now? I think it looks pretty good. Have fun!


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