Hi, all. Yes, I know this update is kind of crappy.
That's because I've moved to college. As a result I'm
busier, but I'll still try to get good stuff posted up
here every week. Don't expect 5 or 6 decks a week as
in the past, though. And the poll results have been
postponed indefinitely (but do keep sending them in if
you haven't already done so-- we WILL get to them!)

While I'm at it, I know I haven't posted any letters
in awhile, but here's something that caught my eye:

>Hi Spike! I e-mailed Justin Smith and asked him why
>he hadn't taken you up on your challenge. He said "I
>don't bother with pojo scum anymore." I still am not
>quite sure why he hasn't played you yet.
>Just wanted to let you know

Well, that puts the lid on that episode, I guess... I
wonder who he means by "pojo scum." No doubt all the
people who had the nerve to disagree with his
articles. Although this does beg the question of where
he'll find a bunch of people who agree with everything
he says. I suppose he could start up his own website
and ban anyone who disagrees with him...

That's about it for now I suppose.


The cafeteria food here is actually pretty dang good.

Leaving home can be a mixed blessing.

Sometimes hugs just help.

And oh yes, Hawaiian bread is some good.

Yes, that's four random thoughts, not just one... I
haven't gotten any up here in a few weeks, so this is
a large dose to make up for it.

Vulpix says for me to tell you all "Vulpix vul


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