--- mannfam <mannfam@concentric.net> wrote:
>       Hey Spike and Vulpix!
>     I got myself a mono-fire deck here and I need
> some help (big surprise)!  Well the problem is I
> want to go to the East Coast STS qualifier on the
> ninth and tenth.  I need you to fix this deck up to
> kick some major pokemon league butt so I can get
> three badges and get in.  So here it is:
> Pokemon:22
> 4 TR Charmander (R for 20+Gather fire=Good basic)
> 3 Charmeleon (Slash is the same as Scyther's)
> 2 Charizard (My clean up guy)
> 3 Eevee (jungle) (see Eevee, evolve Eevee)
> 2 Flareon (Main Attacker)
> 3 Clefairy (Clefable)
> 3 Clefable (Kills water pokemon)
> 2 Magmar (Fossil) (Staple for a fire deck)
> Trainers:14
> 4 Bill (Card Drawing!)
> 2 Oak (More of the same)
> 2 Pokemon Trader (Everybody's gotta search!)
> 3 Gust of Wind (Later, Blastoise)
> 2 Nightly Garbage Run (Energy is very important in a
> mono-fire)
> 1 Energy Flow (I need more; same pupose as NGR)
> Energy: 24
> 21 Fire Energy(duh!)
> 3 DCE (Charizard, Flareon, Clefable)
> Strategy:
>   Start with Magmar and use smokescreen to buy some
> time.  Then, power up Flareon or Clefable.  Clefable
> kills the watery enemies because he ignores energy
> costs and such.  So while Blastoise needs 5 energy
> to do 60 Clefable nedds 1!  This efficiency helps
> greatly in a fire deck (also great against Moltres
> discard their deck for 1 energy!).  The infamous
> (did I spell that correctly) Charizard bats clean up
> to finish everybody off!
> Well there it is.  I know I need help, and this is a
> pretty unique deck, and I need quick improvements,
> so please post this!

I like your strategy. I don't like the Charizard.
There's a place for the big lizard, but it isn't this
deck. That chunky Stage 2 family seems to be
preventing you from having enough strong basics, so
rip him out. You say Flareon is your main attacker.
That's good. Focus on that by raising him to 4-3. And
Jungle Eevee is a good choice.

Next Clefable. You're right, he's good against water
Pokemon. Unfortunately, against a lot of others, he's
kinda not so good. What does he evolve from? Clefairy.
How much HP does Clefairy have? 40. 40 is a bad number
when you're weak to fighting. I propose an alternative
solution: Scyther. He may take a little more energy,
but he's more versatile and the free retreat is just

Finally, Magmar. With 4-3 Flareon, and 3-4 Scyther,
you should also be running 3-4 Magmar.

Trainers-wise you're off on the right foot. A few
things, though. First, Computer Search is better than
Pokemon Trader. Secondly, 3 Oak is almost a neccessity
in the current environment, and 4 is not unheard of.
Thirdly, drop the Energy Flow, 3-4 NGR is all you
need. Fourthly, PlusPower and assorted removal would
nicely fill any empty spots you might have. Lastly...
Item Finder. I can't say it enough. This card will
save your rear.

Energy-wise, you want 18-20 fire energy and 4 DCE.

Hope this helps.


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