--- Rockbottom17602@cs.com wrote:
> Pokemon
> 2 Electabuzz
> 1 Zapdos (Fossil)
> 1 Zapdos (Movie Promo)
> 1 Dark Jolteon
> 2 Magmar (Fossil)
> 2 Ponyta
> 1 Rapidash
> 1 Dark Flareon
> 3 Eevee (Team Rocket)
> 1 Farfetch'd
> Trainers (15)
> 3 Bill
> 2 Gambler
> 2 Professor Oak
> 2 Energy Removal
> 2 Energy Retrieval
> 1 Switch
> 1 Item Finder
> 1 Challenge!
> 1 Pokedex
> Energy (30)
> 16 Electric
> 14 Fire Energy
>     The point of this deck is to Get out Electabuzz
> or Magmar on the first
> Turn, Put down the correct energy and put a beating
> on your opponent while
> powering up the bench if the active is knocked out.
> Then put out a Zapdos and
> Put some more beating until you get another
> Electabuzz or Magmar.

Good strategy. Bad execution. The evolution families
here make me want to cry, and your chances of getting
Magmar/Buzz ain't the greatest.

Here's what I would do for your Pokemon: Go to 4 of
each, Buzz and Magmar. Now, what do you want for your
heavy hitting? I'd go with a Fire evolution since it's
easier to splash Buzz into a fire deck than Mag into a
lightning deck, but either will work. If you want to
keep Zapdos, go with the Basic one. Otherwise, I think
a solid Fire evolution (Charmeleon/Arcanine/Rapidash)
would work jus' fine.

I can't think of any special trainers this deck would
need that would set it apart from most of the ones I
fix. Oak, Bill, Search, Finder, NGR/Retrieval... all
should be in there. Go look around for some examples,
there's plenty.

30 energy is WAYYY too much... with a solid Pokemon
and trainer base, close to 20-22 is what you need. If
Buzz is your only Electric poke, you shouldn't need
more than 7-8 electric energy.

Hope this helps!


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