>Hi Spike!
>Hi Vulpix!
>I need help with my Dark Golduck deck. Golduck, the deck list if you
>Golduck: "Gol-ducka!"
>Pokemon (18):
>12 Basics
>6 Stage 1
>3 Dark Golduck (Main Card)
>4 Fossil Psyduck (DUH!)
>2 Dark Jolteon (Great first attack)
>3 Jungle Eevee (DUH!)
>3 Base Electabuzz (You were expecting Magnemite?)
>3 Jynx/Promo Mewtwo (Good attackers)
>Energy (22):
>2 Rainbow
>9 Electric
>11 Psychic
>Trainers (20)
>3 Bill (Duh!)
>2 Proffesor Oak (Duh!)
>3 CPU Search (I want Golduck NOW!)
>3 GOW  (Golduck wanna kill Arcanine for trying to be  more    
>than Vulpix)
>2 E.R. (Pikachu won't kill Golduck)
>2 S.E.R. (Zapdos won't kill Golduck)
>2 Trader (Same as CPU Search)
>3 N.G.R. (I want Golduck back)
>My strategy is to get out my lovely Dark Golduck and use it to get the
>I need for Jolteon, 'Buzz and Jynx/Mewtwo. I want you to leave in the
>if possible. My problem is that I seem to get the wrong Energy for the
>Pokemon I have. Please help! By the way I live in Britain so I can't
>get Gym


1) Fossil Psyduck? Why? Okay, first, there's no water energy in here. Now, while it IS possible to use Fossil Psyduck to good advantage in a no-water deck (witness Crash's "Gold Rush"), this isn't a controllish deck like that one. This is a speed deck. I think you want Rocket Psyduck here. If Psyduck IS forced to go active, this deck will get further drawing cards than it will locking down your opponent's trainer base. Along those same lines, I don't think Dark Jolteon is what's wanted here. His attack is good, but I think you like Electabuzz just fine. What say we have Golduck, Electabuzz, and MP Mewtwo (4 of each basic.) That should straighten your Pokemon out.

2) All of these trainers are great, but there are a couple of nits I can pick. First of all, the environment has shifted to where 2 Oak is just TOO SLOW. You need at least 3, even with 3 Search. GOW good. Removal, you want to figure out which type is better for you and go with it. I'm guessing that will be SER, so I'll put that in my decklist. Trader is not good here, it's redundant to Search, so swap them for Item Finders (another nice card.) NGR good. Try and fit PlusPower in somewhere, as it can just be so key sometimes.

3) You don't need 9 electric energy for 4 Electabuzz. You can go down to 7 or maybe even 6 with few problems. This is one of the few decks I've ever seen where no DCE is neccessary, but... it isn't.


15 Pokemon:

4 Psyduck
3 Golduck
4 Electabuzz
4 Mewtwo

24 Trainers:

3 Bill
3 Oak
3 Computer Search
2 Item Finder
3 PlusPower

21 Energy:

7 Electric Energy
14 Psychic Energy


Hope this helps get you on the road to a well-tuned Dark Golduck deck!


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