>Well I just thought I would send a deck into you....... I use it alot
>apprentice and it has done very well in the league. I am gonna quit the
>league though because it is becoming......well you know...you quit
>Well I thought I would send it in and see what your suggestions are.
>4 Growlithe (needed for arcy)
>4 Arcanine (Main pokemon of this deck very underestimated)
>3 Scyther (nice retreater)
>3 Fossil Magmar (stalls and can make a killin himself)
>3 Ditto (great card in any deck)
>Trainers: 25
>3 Comp Search (Gets Oak and arcanine or any other needed thing)
>4 Oak (I assume people have brains so they know why this is in here =D)
>2 Energy Retrievals (needed in a fire deck)
>3 Gust of Wins (Took this one from scott)
>2 Nightly Garbage Retrievals (needed to get fire NRG back in the deck
>or to
>bring back some pokes)
>4 No energy removal Gym (Unfortunately the weakness of this deck is ER
>2 Pluspowers (plus 10 damage)
>3 Goop Gas Attack (many people think I am crazy for puttin this in the
>but It kills mime slows down dance, shut down ditto which is my most
>dangerous enemy)
>2 Item Finders (self explanatory)
>14 Fire Energy
>4 Dce (works great with arcanine)
>Ok the main strategy is to get out arcanine with the many cards used to
>him out. Fix it how you like I wanna see what you think should be done
>this deck. I play low energy so that trainer room is there plus i have
>trainers to bring in energy from the discard pile. Have fun! Oh tell
>that he can not stand the rage that growlithe can bring. =D


I like Arcanine. How can anyone not like him? He's just so... big... and fuzzy! And he kicks ass too!

1) Your Pokemon spread is pretty solid. 3 of each basic is just about right. We can probably go down to 3 Arcanine if we need room for something else. Other than that, not much to say...

2) You've got the right idea for most of your trainers, but you do need some work. First of all, you do want Bills. 4 Oaks are great, but it would be nice to have 3-4 Bills in addition to that. What should you drop? I think Goop Gas Attack, and here's why.. You've already got six Pokemon in this deck that will make good Mime killers. Damage Swap is not too popular anymore, but if Alakazam poses a threat, a quick Gust or two can eliminate that threat. Goop Gas Attack is not the greatest card here because it is only useful in very specific situations, and a lot of the time it will be worthless. That's not good with 3 copies in the deck. Lose it.

Now we've got 3 Bills in there, pretty good. Energy Retrieval is iffy here, and I'll tell you why... Playing with Cinder Too, which is probably more similar in operation to this deck than to the original Cinder, has taught me that 4 Oak and 3 Bill tends to make your draw pile vanish in short order. Too, you're constantly shedding energy and Pokemon to Oaks and Searches and whatnot, and getting it back is nice. Therefore, I'd recommend 4 NGR in this deck straight up, with no Retrieval. Try it that way. Finally, I think 3 No Removal Gym and 3 PlusPower are better than 4 of one and 2 of the other, considering how soon and how often you'll want to get each one.

3) Okay, I know that insanely low amounts of energy are possible with what we now know about speed decks. But 14 fire for Arcanine scares me. I would try to bring that number up to 15 or 16 if possible.


16 Pokemon:

4 Growlithe
3 Arcanine
3 Magmar
3 Scyther
3 Ditto

25 Trainers:

4 Oak
3 Bill
3 Computer Search
2 Item Finder
3 No Removal Gym
3 PlusPower
4 Nightly Garbage Run

19 Energy:

15 Fire Energy


Vulpix says to tell you that he can take on your Growlithe any day. =)


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