hey Souper,
My name is Scott. I've been playing pokemon the TCG for over a year now and I love it more and more. My nickname for now will be Dragonair. Let me explain my deck first then the strategy will come after. My deck looks like some little kid's Charizard deck. But I only have one, I have more but I only want to use one. There are four evolution lines but they are all useful Charizard is not the main pokemon. The main types are Charmeleon and Arcanine. Both are killer Stage 1 pokemon. The voltorb/electrode line is used for two reasons. One to fend off those pesky basic water pokemon. The second is two evolve into Electrode and get two energies off of him. the last line is Dratini Dragonair. Again to fend off water pokes and to use Dark Dragonair's power, it rocks. now about the trainers. I have less than you would think this deck needs, but the strategy thrives with the amount I have.
Now lets get down to business my deck.
CharmanderX 3
CharmeleonX 3
CharizardX 1 (As explained)
GrowlitheX 3
ArcanineX 3
VoltorbX 2
ElectrodeX 2 (only for power)
DratiniX 3
DragonairX 2 (TR and Base)

RecycleX 2 ( to get back those good cards)
BillX 2
Energy RetreivalX 3
Energy SearchX 2
Pokemon TraderX 1
Pokemon CenterX 1
PotionX 2
Plus PowerX 1 (for and extra kick of power)
Switch X 2

ElectricX 5
FireX 13
So lets get into the strategy Mainly it is to get either Charmander or Growlithe as active and power the other up on the bench. Then keep pumping Arcanine or Charmeleon until it has claimed its prizes. When I have Charmeleon out on the bench with lots of energy I'll search for the lone Charizard and kill at least one of the opponents. When a water type is attacking I'll send out Voltorb or Dratini to fend them off and since they have low retreat costs I'll switch with a powered up fire type and kill them. Using Dark Dragonair's power I can get that Arcanine and Charmeleon. Charmeleon I need. I picked you soup because you seem to understand the writer's strategy better than the rest. It may look a bit iffy but it works, and using energy search and retrieval I can get back those energy, that I may lose. I chose high HP pokemon so they can sit out there longer. thanks a whole lot.




A nice, thorough report. I like that. The deck itself is okay, but could use some changes. Right now you lack strong early game attackers- you need some form of BBP to hold off the opponent in the early game or if you get in a tough spot. You also need to focus more on who you want to be attacking with; right now you have too many evolutions.


Let's start by dropping the Electrode- he's not really crucial, and you need to slim it down. Dragonair takes up a lot of space too, I think you should take him out- more card drawing will get your evolutions as well as Energy and Trainers you need, and Charizard shouldn't be needed till late game anyway.

That frees up a lot of space, so let's add another Charmander and Charizard. Charizard should only be used to take the last couple of prizes, but you don't want to discard or find your only one in your prizes, so two should work. Now you need some BBP. Add three Magmar and two Ditto.


Let's start by cutting some of the less useful Trainers. Recycle is unreliable and Potion's effect doesn't have much impact, so take those out. In a mono deck Energy Search is pointless- it's the same as adding a Fire Energy, except it takes up two spaces instead of one. Take those out too. Unless you have some way of moving Energy or damage, Pokemon Center doesn't belong here. Take it out, and let's take out the Trader- Comp Search is more versatile.

Now let's add some card drawing. Make it 4 Bills, 3 Oaks, and 3 Com. Searches. Use 4 Plus Powers, too. Switch works, and you could take out one Retrieval and add a couple Gusts too.


You no longer need Electric, so take them out and make it 16 Fire and 4 Double Colorless. Potion Energy doesn't really do much here, so drop it too. If ya don't need something, take it out for something you do need.
Pokemon (20)
4 Charmander
3 Charmeleon
2 Charizard
3 Growlithe
3 Arcanine
3 Magmar
2 Ditto

Trainers (20)
4 Bill
3 Oak
3 Com. Search
2 Energy Retreival
4 Plus Power
2 Switch

Energy (20)
16 Fire
Magmar and Ditto are fast attackers, and Charmeleon and Arcanine are your heavy hitters. Charizard comes out to clean up the mess if necessary. Card drawing Trainers get you what you need, and the other Trainers help you out with KO's and Energy. Good luck!

~ Souper ~