I've been making decks for about a year now, and I'm really getting the hang of it. All my decks are pretty good, but my favorite one is also my strongest and the one I use most. I like to call it Stormbringers.
Pokemon X19
2X Pikachu (jungle)-  50 hp, can attack the bench

1X PiKachu (base)- two attacks, able to do 30 damage

1X Zapdos (base)- 90 hp, and can do up to 100 damage!

1X Zapdos (fossil)- 80 hp, and can attack the bench

1X Voltorb (team rocket)- does 20 damage instead of 10

1X Electrode (base)- 80 hp and can do 50 damage

1X Electrabuzz (base)- 70 hp and can do up to 40 damage

1X Eevee (jungle)- 50 hp, evoles into Jolteon

1X Jolteon (jungle)- 70 hp, can do up to 80 damage

1X Meowth (gameboy promo)- able to attack the bench

1X Clefairy (base)- metronome

1X Clefable (jungle)- 70 hp, metronome

1X Ditto (fossil)- transform

1X Dratini (base)- evolves into Dragonair

1X Dragonair (base)- 80 hp, up to 60 damage and hyper beam

1X Dragonite (movie promo)- 90hp, can do 60 damage, good card drawer

1X Jigglypuff (jungle)- evolves into Wigglytuff

1X Wigglytuff (jungle)- 80 hp, Do the Wave

Trainers X 14

1X Super Potion (removes 40 damage)

2X Bill (draws cards)

1X Gust of wind (gusts out weak pokemon for an easy prize)

2X Plus Power (adds 10 damage)

2X Energy Retrieval (recycles energy)

1X Energy Seach (retrieves needed energy)

2X Defender (opponent's pokemon do 20 less damage)

2X Switch ( gets out your needed pokemon, acts like a full heal)

1X Nightly Garbage Run ( recycles pokemon, evolutions, and energy)

Energy X27

1X Double colorless energy (powers up colorless pokemon)

26X Lightning energy

In this deck you stall your opponent with the small guys. In the mean time, you build up the strong pokemon like Zapdos and Jolteon.



I like the name. The deck itself has several good Pokemon choices, but there are too many and they're too spread out (one of everything but Pikachu). You also have a huge weakness to Fighting.


The main thing to do is condense the Pokemon into a few families with multiples of each. That makes it less random and easier to work with. As it is right now, you could be using a different evolution each game, which makes it unpredictable. It's not focused.

Let's start by removing some extra families. Since you have no Raichu, take out the Pikachu. Zapdos has the potential to do heavy damage, but he's slow and often hurts himself. Once you do use his hundred damage attack you're left high and dry without Energy. Take out the Zapdos too. Meowth isn't great, and you're not running Persian, so take out Meowth. We're down to four evolution families, which is still a lot. The dragons don't deal a lot of damage and take a lot of Energy and space, so let's take them out. Lastly, take out the Electrode family and the Clefable Family- Ditto will work as your Copycat.

That's good for drops, now let's beef up the families. Electabuzz is a great basic, so use four of him. Make both the evolution families 3/2- since you're not centered on a specific family, it'll just be whichever one you draw. Add another Ditto also, and Four Scyther (Fighting Resistance).


Let's take out Super Potion, Switch, Energy Search (useless in a single-color deck), and Defender. Most defensive trainers are just too slow or don't have enough impact to warrant using a valuable space. You don't need both Energy Retrieval and Nightly Garbage Run, so let's just make it two NGR. Now you need card drawing, cuz two Bill won't cut it. Add two Bill, three Prof. Oak, and three Com. Search. Add two more PlusPower and two more Gust of Wind for quick KO's. Lastly, add two Scoop Up.


Add three DCE, since about everything can use them, and take the Lightning down to 15. Here it is:
Pokemon (20)
4 Electabuzz
3 Eevee
2 Jolteon
2 Ditto 
4 Scyther
3 Jigglypuff
2 Wigglytuff

Trainers (21)
4 Bill
3 Oak
3 Com. Search
3 Gust of wind
4 Plus Power
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Scoop Up

Energy (19)
15 Lightning
It looks a lot different, but it should work a lot better. Good luck!

~ Souper ~