Hi! I was just wondering if you could fix up my deck. Its called mindflame because of the 2 colors, psychic and fire. The strategy is to start off with . . . really any pokemon except for Moltres, and give them a hard time. And, of course, energy removals will help. Hopefully they will start drawing cards, to get something to fight back. And from then on you beat down on them. Meanwhile, you should try to be charging up a Moltres, so when they don't have many cards left in their deck, you Wildfire them to death. About half of the time I take all of my prizes, and the other half my opponent decks himself.So, it works out pretty well, if I can't win one way, I win the other. Anyway, I'm kinda worried about haymakers, so could you maybe keep haymakers in mind when you fix it? OK, on to the deck.
Pokemon: 13
4 Mr. Mime
3 Moltres
2 Magmar (fossil)
2 Mewtwo (movie promo)
2 Lickitung

4 Energy Removal
3 Scoop Up (with this, they never draw all 6 prizes)
3 Itemfinder
3 Computer Search
2 Switch
2 Energy Retrieval
1 Imposter Professor Oak (i know i shouldn't have it in here, but it has
helped in several games)

Energy: 29 (I have to have that many!!)
15 Psychic
14 Fire
Well, thanx for looking at my deck.  Its record is 6 and 0, but a deck can
always be better!


The deck looks pretty good overall, and the strategy is more interesting than simple Haymaker. All you really need is some minor tweaking. The Pok閙on look good for the most part, and the Trainers look good except for lack of card drawing and that Imposter Oak in there. Even a stall needs card drawing, and this seems to be a semistall- it could go either way.


The choices look good, but their numbers could be changed a bit. I'd take out a Mime for a Mewtwo, and add another Magmar. I'd switch Lickitung for Chansey, too. That's really all I can think of. Four Mimes is overkill, since they're not too tough to get around.


Take out the Imposter Oak- It really doesn't impact your opponent enough to be consistantly helpful, you'll find it to only be useful in a handful of situations. Add three Oaks and two Super Energy Removal, as well. Scoop and Switch is redundant, take out the Switch and one Item Finder for three Lass (These'll help against Hay, Wiggly, or any Trainer-heavy deck). Since you want the option to stall, I'd switch the Energy Retrieval for Nightly Garbage Run.


You don't need that much Energy. Keep the 14 for Fire, but take Psychic down to 10.
Pokemon (14)
3 Mr. Mime
3 Moltres
3 Magmar (fossil)
3 Mewtwo (movie promo)
2 Chansey

Trainers (22)
4 Energy Removal
2 Super Energy Removal
3 Oak
3 Scoop Up
2 Itemfinder
3 Computer Search
3 Lass

Energy (24)
10 Psychic
14 Fire
Most of the changes were in Trainers. I added the three Oaks for card drawing, but the Nightly Garbage Run will help with getting cards back into the deck, as will Lass. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'll explain: If you're deck is getting low on cards, you can hoard Trainers in your hand and then put them all back in your deck by using Lass. It's a pretty good surprise stall tactic. Good Luck!

~ Souper ~