Behold! My finest creation! A deck based around *gasp!* Base Set Haunter!
Dead Tired (Ver 2.0)

Psychic Pokemon (12)

Gastly - 4 (Fossil)
Haunter - 4 (Base Set)
Drowzee - 4 (Rocket)

Colorless Pokemon (6)

Jigglypuff - 4
Wigglytuff - 2

Trainers (16)

Bill - 4
Recycle - 4
Full Heal - 4
Sleep! - 4

Energy (26)

Psychic - 20
Double Colorless - 2
Full Heal (Energy) - 4
Strategy: The concept of this deck is quite simple. Put your opponent to sleep (not the human opponent, mind you) before the end of your turn so Haunter is able to use Dream Eater right away. (You know the rule. You flip a coin to see if your Active Pokemon is awake at the END of each turn. Not right when the Pokemon is put to sleep!) I already know that this deck is very weak against Colorless Pokemon but that's why Wigglytuff is here. Full Heal and Full Heal Energy are to counteract the negative effects of Rocket Drowzee's Long Distance Hypnosis. Besides, the Energy is great for retreating with ;)! Fossil Gastly also works double duty. Not only is it essential for getting to Haunter, it's great for getting back those Full Heal Energy!

See what you can do with it.

That's all for now. Until the next deck!




An interesting strategy here. The deck is fairly well built too. The only big problem I see is that it's low in card drawing. I'll have to make room for Computer Search and Professor Oak.


The Gastly, Haunter, and Drowzee are necessary for the strategy, and I assume the Wiggly's just in there for backup. It should work ok. The only change I'd make is to take out one Jiggly, because four isn't really necessary with two Wiggly.


Take out the Recycle and add three Professor Oak and three Com. Search. Take out a Full Heal and add three Switch and three Gust of Wind.


Drop a Full Heal and take out five Psychic.
Pok閙on (17)
4 Gastly (Fossil)
4 Haunter  (Base Set)
4 Drowzee  (Rocket)
3 Jigglypuff 
2 Wigglytuff 

Trainers (24)
4 Bill 
3 Oak
3 Com Search
3 Full Heal
3 Switch
4 Sleep!

Energy (19)
15 Psychic
2 Double Colorless
3 Full Heal
All you really needed was card drawing. The Oaks and Com. Search should help. Good luck!

~ Souper ~