What be up Scott? This deck really uses the power of Dark Muk and others, so
here it is.

The Football Field:
3 Hitmonchan
4 TR. Diglett
3 D. Dugtrio
1 Ponyta
3 Scyther
4 Grimer
3 D. Muk

9 Fighting Energy
9 Grass Energy

1 Narrow Gym (all i got)
1 The Rocket's Training Gym (all i got)
2 RSA (all i got)
1 Lass
4 S.E.R.
4 E.R.
2 Professor Oak
2 Bill
2 Erika

Well, there it is, The Football Field, I would like a DCI fix please.


UGH!!!!!!!!!!!  MUST SLEEP!!!!!! 

Okay...one more then I can sleep.....

1) Dark Dugtrio + Dark Muk is NOT a combo.  It's just not.  It does not work well enough to justify it's use.  Let's take out Dugtrio line

Add in 2 TR Scyther to fill the void some

Pull 3 Fighting energy and 1 Grass Energy.  Add in 2 DCE

Drop the Ericas for Bills.  Add in a 3rd Prof Oak.  Add in 2 Comp Search and 3 Item Finder.  Drop the 2 RSA for a Lass and Nightly Garabage Run.  Add in more Garbage Run.  Might want to look at Scoop Up too - up to 2, but not sure where.

Have fun, and I am asleep now.