Greetings Scott,

Let me begin by telling you I'm not really a tournament player.  My friends
and I enjoy playing casually, and often.  I have one fairly successful deck,
a variation of the "Ferocious Commons", which works very well for me, but
it's awfully boring using the same deck day after day.  So I decided to
create a new deck, using the "Lightning Bug" theme.  You'll probably agree
with me when I say that Lightning Bug is one of the worst theme decks, maybe
even worse than Power Reserve, so I've tried to create a new deck using the
same theme.  So far I've had little to no success with it: it gets thrashed
every time.  My friends' decks consist of the following:

Rain Dance: Water
Poison Haymaker: Grass/Fight
Cursed Haymaker: Psychic/Fight
Wildfire: Electric/Fire (which eats my deck for lunch everytime)
Rocket Poison:  Grass

What you're about to see is the latest version of my deck.  I haven't tested
it yet; I thought I'd grab a little guidance first.

Here's what I have come up with;

Lightning Bug????

Pokemon: 15

3   Pinsir
3   Scyther
1   Rocket's Scyther
1   Chansey
3   Electabuzz
2   Movie Promo Pikachu
1   Dark Raichu

Trainers: 18
4   Energy Removal
3   Energy Search
2   Professor Oak
4   Bill
3   Plus Power
2   Nightly Garbage Run

Energy: 28
4   Double Colorless Energy
4   Full Heal Energy
10  Grass Energy
10  Electric Energy

I added the Pikachus and my one Dark Raichu because they're fun cards (and
fun is what it's all about!!), and I just got a Rocket's Scyther:  He looks
okay, I'll give him a shot!  Otherwise, I'm find on quantities of cards. 
Again, this deck looks good to me, on paper at least!  I would very much like
your help in making this a viable deck.  Like I said, it's for casual play
only, but any help fixing it would be greatly appreciated.

So long, and thanks.


Scott....tired....must do....fix quickly....Zzzzzzz

Drop all 4 Full Heal, and go to 6 grass and 7 electric.

Drop 1 Pinsir and 2 Scyther.  Add in 1 Rocket's Scyther, 1 MP Pikachu, and 1 Dark Raichu

Add in 1 Energy Retrieval, 1 Oak, 3 Computer Search, 2 Item Finder, 2 Narrow Gym, and 2 Scoop Up.  Actually kill the Energy Search as well, and make them all Super Removals.