Hey Scott,

I was wondering if you might help might help me with this deck i call Sticky
and Smelly.  I know youre being bombarded with requests for deck fixes for
the Gym Prerelease Event, but i hope you can find time to help me on this

Pokemon (17)
4x Rocket Oddish
1x Dark Gloom
2x Dark Vileplume
3x Fossil Grimer
2x Dark Muk
3x Scyther
2x Lickitung

Trainers (17)
2x PlusPower
3x Bill
1x Gambler
2x Boss's Way
3x Energy Removal
3x Poke Breeder
3x Oak

Energy (26)
23x Grass
3x   Double Colorless Energy

Scyther or Lickitung go out first to fight, as they last a decent amount of
time.  During that time, I set up Dark Muk to keep the opponent's active man
in, and Dark Vileplume for good protection against Energy Removals, Gusts,
and to keep a collar on their card drawing.  Boss's Way and Poke Breed gets
out Dk Vileplume faster than you can say pollen whirlpool (!).
Thanks for any help,

Interresting deck.  I like it a lot.  Let's see what I would do with it.

With the Pokemon, drop a Scyther in favor of another Dark Gloom.  Don't underestimate the importance of this card in the early game.  It's really good!  That's really all I see there.

With the Energy, go ahead and drop about 3 Grass energy.  I don't think you'll really need them as you'll still be at 23 total energy.

With trainers, start by dropping the PlusPowers - they're not that needed in this deck.  Drop the Energy Removal for Super Energy Removal - this card will be more important to control massive build-ups of energy, which is a problem for this type of deck.  In place of the PlusPowers, add in Computer Searches.  They are versatile and will get you what you need.  With the 3 slots from Grass, add in a 3rd Boss's Way, and 2 Pokemon Trader.  This will make the deck run a lot faster and smoother getting the Pokemon you need immediately.

This deck looks amazingly solid.  Give this version a try and I think you'll like it!

4 Rocket Oddish
2 Dark Gloom
2 Dark Vileplume
3 Fossil Grimer
2 Dark Muk
2 Scyther
2 Lickitung

2 Computer Search
3 Bill
1 Gambler
3 Boss's Way
2 Pokemon Trader
3 Super Energy Removal
3 Pokemon Breeder
3 Professor Oak

20 Grass Energy
3 Double Colorless Energy