Hey Scott, I'm going to attend one of the sts qualifying rounds held in NY
and I need your help fine tuning my deck.

Pokemon (12)
3 electabuzz
3 scyther
3 hitmonchan
3 movie mewtwo

Trainers (28)
4 bill
4 er
4 item finder
3 comp search
3 oak
3 gow
3 pluspower
2 night garbage run
1 rockets trap
1 narrow gym

Energy (20)
4 rainbow
5 psychic
5 fighting
5 electric
2 dce

I'm sure i can get any cards you decide to add to my deck. Thanks alot

You know, I was just looking for a Sponge Deck to fix.  I was just waiting to find someone that took some initiative on their own to put some Gym in it.  You did, so here we do.  I will fix a variant on the deck(s) that put me on the map.

First of all, looks like we have a New Age Potpourri with the Sponge Principle here.  Good.  Let's see what we can do with it.

Pokemon - you have too many.  Twelve is just more than is needed anymore.  I run 10 in a trap heavy environment, and 8-9 where Trap is not running around.  Assuming Trap exists, let's go to 10.  Needing to drop 2, let's give the boot to, well, 1 of everything.  Why?  Well, we need room for another weapon.  There are two possibilites here.  If your environment is fight heavy, go with Ditto.  He's a massively large man, and 2 of him would be good.  If its Psychic heavy, go with Chansey.  He's super anti-Trap, and without Hitmonchan around to take him out, he's usually good for a kill and a run, or 2 kills, which is wonderful.  If you can't decide, go one of each.  I've done that before and then try to get out the one that is situationally useful.  Your call.

Energy - too much, again.  This deck likes DCE to the tune of 4.  You can actually drop 2 Psychic, 2 Electric, and 2 Fighting to make room for the 2 DCE.  Your math was a little off, so this actually frees only 3 spots, and not 4.  Anyway, it still gives us a total of 5 free slots for trainers.

First of all, kill the Trap.  It's nice, but completely worthless in quantity one.  Either run 4, or none.  We choose none.  Add in another Narrow Gym.  This is the "default" Gym you run when you don't really want any of the others in play. Use 1 slot for Oak  #4.  This card is just too good not to have 4 of.  With 4 free slots, run Rocket Sneak Attack.  The card just can win games before they start, or prevent a late game Super or something like it.  Now that we think about it, go back and cut another Psychic Energy - going to 2, and put in an Energy Retrieval.  This may seem radical, but with only 2 Promo Mewtwos, you will be okay - you have 4 Rainbows, too.

Try this out.  I think you'll find it is good.  Have fun!