*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Y'ello, everyone. Excuse the mess. It took that thunderstrom last
week to realize that the ceiling has a leak. Arcanine has been a wreck..look
at him, over there under the table. I've been telling him thew storm is over
and that the roof is gonnna be fixed, but....Anywho, let's see the deck.

      4 electabuzz
            3 scyther
            3 ditto
            2 (Promo) mewtwo
            2 (promo) mew
            3 chansey
            3 aerodactyl


            3 lass
            3 prof.oak
            3 bills
            3 myst.fossil
            4 energy removals
            2 scoop ups


            10 psychic
            10 eletric
            2 double colorless
SATOSHI: Hmm...not much to do here...let's get to work.
Okay, looks like we have a Sponge variant on our hands. And as we all know,
MP Mewtwo is everywhere. To counter this, we canneoither use our own MP
Mewtwo, Ditto, or...something else. Let's go with the later. Remove the
Areodactyl and Msyterious Fossil and add in a 3-2 Meowth-Persian line. Psy
resistance, combined with Persian's Pounce attack, adds up to a great MP
Mewtwo counter. Let's also remove the Chansey. While thy can be great
stallers, we're gonna need the spaces for Trainer aide. Add in another MP
Mewtwo, and save the other spaces for later.
Now, counting the Chansey and that last space from before, we have 3 spaces.
Add in another Bill and two Computer Search. Sponge relies on heavy Oaking
and searching to get that second turn 40 damage from MP Mewtwo. With the
added trainers, this should be much easier. Let's also take out a Lass and
two Energy Removal for three Gust of Wind. Make the remaining two Energy
Removal Super Energy Removal
Electabuzz can run on 8 Electric Energy, so let's take out 2 Electric and
add in two more DCE for Scyther and Persian.
Here it is:
10 Psychic Energy
8 Electric Energy
2 Mew
3 Mewtwo(MP)
4 Electabuzz
3 Ditto
3 Meowth
2 Perisan
3 Scyther
4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
2 Computer Search
2 Super Energy Removal
2 Lass
2 Scoop Up
3 Gust of Wind

Hope this helps!!

SATOSHI: Arcanine, come on!! Come out from under there! Errr...I'll coax him
out sooner of later...Good Luck and Happy Gaming, everyone!!