*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Hello again. Let's see what we've got to work on now, eh?
Hello, Satoshi.

I competed in the recent "Gym Heroes" tourney and was a little disappointed
at how many battles I lost.  I think it was something like 10/18.  I did get
4th place, but the main problem (I think) is not enough speed.  My Eevees
are destroyed by the abundance of Hitmonchans.  I once included Electabuzz,
but replaced him with Scyther.  Still, this is obviously not enough.  And
I'm stuck between a Golem and a hard place.  My strategy is to get a variety
of pokemon out (to take care of an opponents specific weakness) and build
them up with energies.  Luckily, almost all of them can use a Double
Colorless Energy.  Here is my deck:\

"Eevee's Party"

Pokemom (19):

3 jungle eevee
1 promo eevee (very hard to get at the league I go to, since they only gave
us 1 each)
1 jungle Jolteon (it's a pity they didn't include him in Base set 2, I
needed more...)
1 Dark jolteon (his first attack is very good, covers for his low HP)
2 Scyther (to cover the above listed pokemon's weakness')
2 Growlithe
2 Arcanine (My best Fire hitters, also good against most Haymaker pokemon)
2 Flareon (another good fire pokemon, not as good as Arcy, though)
3 Seel
2 Dewgong (better than Gyarados, he can paralyze on turn three with DCE)

Trainers (13):

2 Challenge! (good for the strategy)
3 Comp. Search (needed for low Evolution count)
4 energy search (with 3 different energy types, I'll need these)
4 energy retrieval (so I can use a low energy count)

Energy (27):

4 DCE (almost every pokemon in this deck can use it)
7 water energies
9 fire energies (more for the Flame-thrower attacks, goes well with DCE for
even more toasting)
7 electric energies (It seems that electric is always targeted by Energy
Hrrrmmm...let's make this a Fire/Lightning deck. Remove Dewgong and Seel.
Let's make all the Eevees Promo. With the six spaces we now have(you only
had 59 cards in your deck), add in another Flareon. Let's make the Jolteon a
Dark Jolteon and add in another Dark Jolt as well. with four spaces now,
take the Arcanine family out entirely. In this deck, Flareon and Arcanine
would clash, so let's make Flareon your heavy hitter. We have eight spaces,
so let's add in three of the 'Buzz and two fossil Magmar. That should do for
the Pokemon.
Take out everything but the Computer Search, and add in four Bill, three
Prof. Oak, and two Energy retrieval. Counting the spaces from before, we now
have four spaces. Let's add two Pokemon trader as well.
Use the last two spaces(along with space from the Water Energy) to make the
Fire Energy 15 and the Lightning Energy 10. That should do fine.
Let's take a look:
15 Fire Energy
10 Lightning Energy
2 Scyther
4 Eevee(promo)
3 Dark Joltoen
3 Flareon
3 Electabuzz
2 Magmar(f)
4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
2 Energy retieval
2 Pokemon trader
3 Computer Search

SATOSHI: There it is!! Playtest this deck a lot; you may find you can run it
on less Energy, add in more trainers, etc. Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!