*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Well, y'ello everyone. Before I being, I need to ask you all a
favor: When including Gym Cards in your deck(s), remember to include the
level on the card, K? Thanks. Now back to the show. ;)
Here's my deck
I hope you can fix it up!!
I'm gonna trade for some double colorless energies for Charizards energy
burn.  So you can use it every turn.  You're a great Fixer-Upper! : here it

Pokemon (22)
4 - charmander                  (for charizard and charmeleon)
3 - charmeleon                  (good by itself)
2 - charizard                       (big damage)
3 - growlithe                       (worth it for arcanine)
3 - arcanine(2 reg 1 promo) (heavy hitters with high hp)
3 - vulpix                          (for ninetails)
2 - ninetails                       (the only card better than charizard)
2 - moltres                     (good damage with no discard)

3 - professer oak       (DUH)
2 - full heal               (when pokemon's status has changed)
3 - gust of wind            (quick and easy kills)
3 - computer search (get the cards you need)
3 - potion                  (a few extra hp when you need them)
4 - energy retrieval        (out of energy?)
2 - pokemon trader      (to get those pokemon you need)

Energy (18)
18 - fire energy
SATOSHI: Mmmm...fire. *drool* Anyone out there tried a Blaine's Magmar deck
yet? Those are TOO COOL. Turn three 100 damage...
Okay, let's choose one or two families for our heavey hitters. I
think...Charmeleon and Ninetales would be good here. Let's remove the
Growlithe, Arcanine and Charizard and add in another Vulpix and Ninetales.
Let's also add in three fossil Magmar for starting our BBP. IMO, every deck
should have some sort of BBP, whether it be Chansey or another High HP
Pokemon to take damage, or someone to attack while the other Pokes power up
on the bench. Let's take out the Moltres. While he may be able to deal 80
damage, he requires a coin flip. With our five spaces, add in three Scyther.
Their versatality will keep them around for a long time. Let's move on.
We have two spaces left from before. Right off the bat, add in two Bill.
Let's take out the Full Heal for two more Bill. Take out the Potion as well.
We need the space for other cards, and Potion isn't really needed. Now, with
our three spaces, we're going to add in three No Removal Gym. Fire's
Achilies's Heel is ER and SER. This pretty much puts a stop to 'em. We're
also gonna take out two Energy retrieval for two DCE. Let's save the other
two spaces for later.
Take out a Fire Energy for another DCE and we're set.
Here it is!
17 Fire Energy
4 Vulpix
3 Ninetales
4 Charmander
3 Charmeleon
3 Magmar(f)
3 Scyther
4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search
2 Pokemon trader
2 Energy Retieval
3 No Removal Gym
3 Gust of Wind

SATOSHI: There it is! Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!