SATOSHI: Here we go!!
Double-Edged Punch

3 Lickitungs(Will be switched with Brock's Lickitung)
3 Electabuzz
3 Hitmonchan
2 Kangaskhan
2 Chansey

4 S. Potions
4 Mr. Fugi
2 Traders
2 Switch
2 Gambler
1 Lt. Surge

15 Fighting Energies
8 Lightning Energies
4 Potion Energies
2 Full Heal Energies


Pokemon:  Stall with Lickitung and charge up
Electabuzz, Hitmonchan, Kangaskhan and/or Chansey to

Trainers:  S. Potions are for Buzz, Chan and Khan
while Fugi is for Chansey and Khan since they use the
most energies.  Traders is to trade any extra
Lickitung to get Chan, Buzz, Khan or Chansey.  Switch
is for Khan due to the high retreat cost.  Gambler is
when there's 10 or more cards.  Lt. Surge is for Chan
or Buzz if Khan or Chansey are battling.

Energies:  DCE is for both Khan and Chansey while
Potion and Full Heal energies are for all of the
Pokemon. I noticed that 32 energies is a bit too much
but it's needed since Khan and Chansey takes 4
energies to attack(3 energies acually with the DCE).
SATOSHI: Okay, let's see what we can do.
Since we've got Chansey and Kangaskahn already, drop the Likitung. Four
stallers is fine. Save the sapces for later, though. Everything else looks
Drop the Super Potion. While they may be handy at times, there are cards
that are needed more than they are. We now have 7 Spaces, so let's add in
four Bill and three Oak. Also, change two Mr. Fuji into two Scoop Up. Since
this seems to be a fighting deck, remove the Gambler for another Switch and
Lt. Surge.
Nothing to do here.
This deck should preform very well--I think You've got the basics of a great
deck. Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!