*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Hello there. Welcome back to the shop. Please try to avoid the
caddys scurrying up and down the asiles.
Y'see, the golf course across the freeway has begun its yearly tourney.
Unfortunately, none of the competitors are exactly Tiger Woods material, and
in some way or another, someone shot a golf ball across the freeway and
straight through my display window.
Keeping with the "play it as it lies" rule, the judges have decided to
conitnue their game--depsite the fact that this IS my property. *sigh* Let's
see what we can do for you.
Hello my name is jacob, i've been tinkering with this deck for months and
its beaten all competitors but I feel like its missing something.  please

4 nidoran (male)
4 nidorino
4 nidoking
1 grimer (rocket)
1 dark muk
1 pinsir
4 dratini (2 base, 2 rocket)
3 dragonair (2 base, 1 rocket)
1 tauros
1 snorlax
1 ditto

3 double colorless
1 full heal energy
20 grass


2 plus power
2 energy removals
2 oaks
1 bill
1 super potion
1 energy retrieval

My strategy is to keep the other player busy until i can get nidoking pumped
and ready.  Then I toxic them and wait for them to die.  I use the dragonair
for protection from psychic and to get rid of the others energy befor they
get out a big atack. Thanks in advance for any help.
SATOSHI: Okay, let's duck behind the counter here while we fix your deck...I
don't wanna be anywhere near that guy's game. Anyone that can launch a golf
ball across four lanes of interstate traffic must have a pretty mean slice.
Let's remove the Nidorino in favor of four(gasp! you guessed it)Pokemon
Breeders. In this, the age of Haymakers, speed is an absolute must. Let's
remove the Snorlax, Ditto, and Tauros in favor of three Chansey. These guys
are the best bet against psychic protection. Let's also take out the Grimer
and Dark Muk in favor of two more Pinsir. Since we have Chansey, let's
remove the Dragons in favor of three Scyther and save the rest of the spaces
for later.
We have the beginnings of a great trainer mix here. Let's first use our
leftover four spaces for three more Bill and another Professor Oak. Now
let's take the Super Potion, PlusPower, and Enegy Retrieval for thee
Computer Search and another GOW. Let's also turn those Energy Removals into
Super Energy Removals.
Not much to do here. Take out three Grass Energy for another DCE and two
more Full Heal Energy.
17 Grass Energy
3 Full Heal Energy
4 Nidoran(m)
4 Nidoking
3 Chansey
3 Pinsir
3 Scyther
4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search
3 Gust of Wind
2 Super Energy Removal
4 Pokemon Breeder

SATOSHI: There you go!! Now, let's ring you up and--*swish!*--Well, looks
like they've finally drievn the ball outta my store. And now...
...They are geting in their golf carts and driving out the
door...*sigh*...well, I guess I oughta try to get these tire tracks outta
the carpet. Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!