*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: No on Poké-Prop 15 and Poké-Prop 2T. Okay, now that that's been
said, let's get on with the deck fix. ;)
Dear Satoshi,
    I hate to complain, but this is the third time I've sent in my deck!
Here's hoping that the third times the charm.


Poke'mon (15)

x2 Mr. Mime
x2 Mew
x2 Aerodactyl
x2 Movie Promo Mewtwo
x3 Jigglypuff
x2 Wigglytuff
x2 (TR) Porygon

Trainers (27)

x3 Mysterious Fossil
x3 Mr. Fuji
x2 Imposter Oak's Revenge
x3 Poke'mon Center
x3 Prof. Oak
x3 Bill
x3 Potion
x2 Nightly Garbage Run
x3 Poke'ball
x2 Poke'dex

Energy (18)

x2 Double Colorless Energy
x16 Psychic Energy

My strategy is to get out the weak basics with a combo of Aerodactyl and
Mew, use Porygon's conversion to make them weak to Psychic, and then cream
them with Mr. Mime, Mew, or Mewtwo.
SATOSHI: Hmmm....*evil grin* Okay, I've got the perfect furture for this
deck. Heheheheh...
With Areodatyl AND Wigglytuff in the same deck, you've backed yourself into
a wall. One or the other is fine, but both is too much. Let's take out the
Wiggly family. with the open spaces, let's add in another MP Mewtwo, along
with another Areodactyl and Mysterious Fossil. And, of course, let's add in
two Scyther. These guys, along with Areodactyl, are your best bet against a
strong colorless Pokémon.
Remove the Potion and Pokédex. These trainers can be replaced by something
better. With our five spaces, add in another Imposter Oak's Revenge and four
Team Rocket's Trap. TR's Trap, when teamed up with Imp. Oak's Revenge, is
outright EVIL...and one great combo. :) Take out the Pokéball and add in
three Computer Search. Now, out come the Pokémon Centers for two more DCE
and another Psychic Energy. Let's also take out three Mr. Fuji for another
Mr. Mime and another Bill and Oak.
The Energy was fixed along the way.
17 Psychic Energy
3 Areodactyl
3 Mewtwo
2 Mew
2 Scyther
2 Porygon(TR)
3 Mr. Mime
4 Bill
4 Professor Oak
3 Imposter Oak's Revenge
4 Team Rocket's Trap
3 Computer Search
2 Nightly Garbage Run
4 Mysterious Fossil

SATOSHI: Ta da!! Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!