>The following deck was made with the thought that
>since most "killer" decks use somewhere around 20-30
>trainers, I would make 1/3-1/2 of their deck useless.
>Pokemon (19: 12 basic + 4 stage 1 + 3 Stage 2)
>2 Scyther (utility & attacking)
>2 Gastly (Fossil; for dealing with Mr. Mime & Energy
>4 Oddish (doesn't matter wich, won't ever attack
>3 Dark Vileplume (Holo or non-Holo, depending on
>curent metagame)
>4 Psyduck (Fossil; Headache anyone?)
>4 Dark Golduck (Main attacker plus Third Eye is
>Trainers (19)
>3 Professor Oak (a must in any deck)
>4 Bill (read above)
>4 Pokemon Breeder (only way to get out Vileplume)
>3 Pokemon Trader (get the Pokemon I need, also trade
>Golduck or Vileplume for a basic before using Oak)
>2 Computer Search (get what I need)
>3 Energy Removal (help stall while I set up)
>Energy (22)
>18 Psychic
>4 Double Colorless
>Most people at the shop I play at have learned to fear
>this deck but I stil consistently loose to M&M's
>(Moltres, Magmar, Mr. Mime, & Mankey).  Stil haven't
>tries it against the archetypes but will as soon as I
>can.  Any tips will be appreciated.
Dark Vileplume, our wonderful hero to the end of the trainer masses, right? Well, mostly. He can shut down a lot of decks, but he has to be played properly and in conjunction with other cards to make him effective. Scyther is great with his free retreat and friendly energy requirements. But instead of focusing in on Gastly's and Dark Golduck, perhaps we can try a different twist of fate? Two thoughts come to mind, Dark Muk or Golduck. Since we want to make those trainers impossible to play, let's go with our water line and headache.

Pokemon (12 Basic + 7 Evols = 19 Total):
4 Oddish (Team Rocket)
4 Dark Vileplume
4 Psyduck (Fossil)
3 Golduck
4 Scyther

Yes, there will be times that we are forced to fight with Oddish... and it is best to make use of the Team Rocket one. His auto-poison attack for 1 energy is superb for when you are stuck with him as your only basic in your starting hand.

Energy (14 Basic + 8 Special = 22 Total):
10 Water
4 Psychic
4 Rainbow Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy

Yep, we're high on energy, but we'll need it because of our trainer choices and the fact that we're going to shut down trainers entirely.

Trainers (19 Total):
4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search
4 Pokemon Breeder
3 Energy Removal
2 Item Finder

Have fun!