>Hello my name is Alex. My deck is called Hinoarashi or
>Firestorm. My strategy is to put
>out Electabuzz, Magmar Zapdos and Moltres to hold out
>until I can evolve my Pokˇmon
>and really start hurting them. Will you please fix my
>deck because IÕve been in the TCG
>league for a couple weeks and IÕve only won 1 game so
>far. Thank you.
>R	2	Charmander	
>B	1	Charmeleon
>R	1	Dark Charmeleon
>J	1	Pikachu
>P(1)	1	Pikachu
>F	1	Raichu
>B	1	Growlithe
>P(6)	1	Arcanine
>B	3	Ponyta
>J	1	Rapidash
>R	1	Dark Rapidash
>B	2	Electabuzz
>B	1	Magmar
>R	2	Eevee
>R	2	Dark Flareon
>B	1	Zapdos
>F	1	Zapdos
>F	2	Moltres
>B	1	Lass
>B	1	Professor Oak
>B	2	Bill
>B	1	Gust Of Wind
>R	1	The BossÕs way
>B	1	Double Colorless Energy
>B	16	Fire Energy
>B	12	Electric Energy
>R	1	Rainbow Energy
Strike quickly with lightning and let the flames simmer and burn?

Sounds like a good combination to me, but let's take a little deeper look in to your deck and what we can do to improve its record in your league. You said you like to start with Electabuzz, Magmar, Zapdos, and Moltres. Electabuzz and Magmar are excellent starting Pokemon, though Zapdos and Moltres are not good starters. The only time they are useful at the beginning of a game is if you have no other basics and your Opponent is sitting on Fighting Pokemon only. Since this is rarely the case, let us try to avoid using them early and expand our usage of Electabuzz and Magmar in this deck. We can also increase our speed with Pikachu from the first movie and his Recharge ability.

The second thing that concerns me is your massive amount of Pokemon in this deck. Seventeen basics is too many. And of those 17 basics, you have 9 different kinds! We really need to focus down to 4 or 5 Pokemon at most for variety and increase the number of them we use in the deck. Since you are in the league, I'm assuming you have or can get the league promo Eevee, so we're going to make use of two of them in your deck to speed up your Eeveelutions.

Pokemon (15 Basic + 6 Evols = 21 Total):
4 Magmar (Fossil)
4 Electabuzz
2 Eevee (Promo)
2 Dark Jolteon
2 Flareon
3 Pikachu (Movie)
2 Raichu
2 Moltres

For Energy, we want to distribute fairly evenly between Fire and Electric.

Energy (17 Basic + 4 Special = 21 Total):
9 Fire
8 Electric
4 Double Colorless Energy

Finally, we focus on the trainers of the deck. Trainers are essential to winning. I hate to say it, but in general, the more trainers you can fit in your deck, the better your chance of winning your games.

Trainers (18 Total):
4 Bill
2 Professor Oak
2 Computer Search
3 Gust of Wind
3 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Scoop Up
2 Pokemon Center

Good luck!