>hi kitty fox, i was just wondering if you could help me fix my deck. Its 
>Aero-Assault.  I just created this deck yesterday and wanted to see if you 
>could help me.  what i basically do with this deck is get out aerodactyl 
>hopefully turn 2, and then use erika's dratini.  If for any reason they 
>evolve before aerodactyl comes out then i use mew and de-evolve them.  Erikas 
>dratini then makes its apearance and starts beatdown.  The reason i have 
>potions is because dratini can only take 10 damage a turn so a potion is more 
>than enough for it.  The other basics are there for weakness so that if they 
>have a specific weakness i nail 'em.  i think its a good concept the deck 
>just needs slight tweaking, SO PLEASE HELP ME!!!  now onto the
>4 erikas dratini
>3 aerodactyl
>2 mew
>2 mewtwo(lets face it mew sucks he needs back up) movie promo
>3 electabuzz
>2 scyther
>4 mysterious fossil
>4 potion
>4 bill
>3 scoop up
>3 computer search 
>3 professor oak
>2 item finder
>1 nightly garbage run
>9 psychic energy
>7 electric energy
>4 double colorless energy
I love working with people who aren't afraid to try new decks and steer away from the archetypes.

Here is a good example. Although this works off the original Aero-Mew premise, it actually makes it into a feasible deck, avoiding the many problems of the younger years of this premise.

Erika's Dratini is a nifty addition, I really approve of it here. And with 4 Potions in the deck, it makes for a mean little stalling tactic once you have Aerodactyl in play and have "Mewed" all his evolutions down to basics. My only concern lies in the choice of Electabuzz. We already know that our Aerodactyl is going to shut down Blastoise decks, so Electabuzz isn't perhaps the best choice for this style of deck. With the amount of Wigglytuff decks present on the tournament scene today, it might be wiser to invest your efforts in a big basic that can absorb some damage from Wiggly while able to dish it back out. A good choice for this is the common Brock's Onix with 100HP. Although, if you don't want to play stall and want to be aggressive, then I recommend going for the standard Hitmonchan in this deck. I'm going to have some fun with your deck though and we'll build it towards the stalling side.

Pokemon (12 Basic + 6 Evols = 18 Total):
3 Erika's Dratini
2 Erika's Dragonair
3 Aerodactyl
2 Mew
2 Mewtwo (Movie Promo)
3 Brock's Onix
2 Abra (TR)
1 Alakazam

The likely chance you'll get Alakazam out isn't too great, but it is thrown in there for the surprise maneuver should you draw the cards for it. Now, let's focus on our energy choices. We need Psychic and Fighting mostly.

Energy (14 Basic + 4 Special = 18 Total):
7 Fighting
7 Psychic
4 Double Colorless

For trainers, we'll want to focus on stalling, deck replenishment, disruption, and drawing.

Trainers (24 Total):
4 Bill
2 Professor Oak
2 Computer Search
4 Scoop Up
1 Pokemon Breeder
4 Mysterious Fossil
3 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Trash Exchange
2 Item Finder

Of course, the ideal situation in this deck is to have Alakazam, Aerodactyl, and 3 Brock's Onix on your bench, all of your opponent's pokemon as basics, and an Erika's Dratini up front. In this instance, you could last 39 turns without playing a single scoop up! Ick!