>Hi Kitty Fox. How are you doing? Well, you know what I'm here for and I hope 
>you can help. You see my deck "Lurking Evil" is ok but not great.I'm having 
>trouble deciding which cards I should take out. So I hope you can help me. 
>Here's the deck:
>Lurking Evil
>2 Dark Arbok(poison and bench hitting)
>3 Ekans-"Rocket"(Much better than the fossil counter-part)
>2 Dark Golduck(Super Psy is killer late in the game. If it's around)
>3 Psyduck-"Rocket"(Prefer the drawing power)
>2 Weepingbell(This guy is so over looked)
>3 Bellsprout(This on the other hand isn't)
>3 Super Energy Removal(Keeps the opponents at bay. With all my weak basics 
>you need this)
>4 Energy Removal(Same as the above)
>2 Comp. Search(Searching for anything is great)
>2 Professor Oak(New cards. Yay...)
>2 Gambler(Sometimes I go overboard with the drawing thing)
>3 Bill(Gives you more advantage)
>2 Gust(Belongs in almost any deck. Well at least not my friend's)
>3 Plus Power(This can help bring down a lot of pokes)
>3 Retrieval(Brings back used energy)
>13 Grass Eng.
>8 Psychic Eng.
>The stategy is to get Dark Arbok out in the early game to some bench 
>hitting, Weepingbell in the mid-game with 10+poison and 30 damage(Very 
>solid), and then Dark Golduck in the late game with 50 damage.
>Not very reliable but it did fine on the league scene when I was on 
>vacation, 13 Wins and 3 losses.
>Oh, and I got a few things to tell you about what cards I can't
>-I can't get any Gym:Heroes cards(I don't live in the U.S. or Canada)
>-I can't get MP Mewtwo or Scyther. At least not easily.
>Thanks for reading. And I hope you have some spare time to write those story 
>fixes again, I really enjoy them.
Actually, you've got a very strong deck here. With just a few minor tweaks to make it run better, I think you've done a good job at choosing a non-archetype fighting force. With Grass and Water, you don't have to worry about problems with resistances, though I see Wigglytuff decks giving you troubles. You may also want to explore getting at least 2 Scythers for your deck so that you can have a little bit of Fighting Resistance. It comes in very handy when you face Hitmonchan. I'll help you redesign a little bit to incorporate 2 Scythers into the deck and then we'll tune the energy and trainers.

Pokemon (11 Basic + 6 Evols = 17 Total):
3 Ekans (TR)
2 Dark Arbok
3 Psyduck (TR)
2 Dark Golduck
3 Bellsprout
2 Weepinbell
2 Scyther

As I look closer at your deck, it seems energy may be the largest area of concern. You've got no way to take advantage of Psyduck's water attacks and are making use of none of the special energies, all while being a little high on energy count. Let's trim energy back to 20.

Energy (16 Basic + 4 Special = 20 Total):
11 Grass
5 Psychic
4 Double Colorless

Finally, we need to focus on trainers that allow for card drawing and disruption.

Trainers (23 Total):
4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
2 Computer Search
3 Gust of Wind
4 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Item Finder

Good luck!