>4xMagmar L.31
>4xRocket's Moltres
>16xFire Energy
>4xPlus Power
>4xEnergy Flow
>4xGood Manners
>4xGoop Gas Attack
>4xRocket's Training Gym
>Start off with a Magmar... and SmokeScreen. Get out Rocket's Moltres ASAP
>start building it up. After Magmar is heavily damage you can do 2 things...
>heal or retreat. Goop Gas is to stop them annoying Dratinis. I prefer this
>version of the deck to most others because it is faster and funner. And it
>original!!! I think...


This deck looks pretty solid. I've been getting your decks for a long time
Hitman, and I know they're all pretty good. I would suggest some stuff


These are pretty much perfect. Maybe to save trainer room you could use
Rocket's Snorlax to counter Erika's Dratini instead of Goop Gas. You'd only
need 2 too... I like the Magmars and Rocket's Moltres though. Looks great!


I like these alot too... I don't like Good Manners alot though. Dropping
them to 3 might be better. 4 Rocket's Training Gym sounds kinda extreme too,
again, I think 3 would work better. I think this deck should use Comp Search
too. Bills don't seem to work as well as I used to think, I play less now,
and sometimes even none. Sometimes I question their usefullness... I
definately think you should drop your Bills to 3 though, and with those 3
slots, add 3 Comp Searches. Looks pretty good though...


This looks pretty solid. Maybe 14 or 15 though... Depends on how you use it.
Nice deck...


Don't need one... The fix up was pretty strait forward, so I don't think a
new deck listing is really necessary. Thanks for the deck,


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