>Hey Griffin,
>I made a deck recently that I called "The lighter side of Dark
>Hold onto your hat cause here's the deck:
>Pkm (20)
>4x Tr Charmander
>3x Dark Charmeleon
>2x Dark Charizard
>4x Tr Dratini
>3x Dark Dragonair
>4x Magmar
>Trainers (20)
>4x Boss's Way
>4x N.G.R.
>4x ?????? ( I originally put Chalenge in this spot, but it did not seem
>to balance??)
>2x S.E.R.
>2x Oak
>2x Pluspower
>2x Item Finder
>Energies (20)
>16x Fire
>4x D.C.E.
>The main strategy is to over use and abuse Dark Dragonair's PKM Power:
>Evoultionary Light to get Dark Charizard out A.S.A.P.

This deck looks pretty solid. It needs some fixing though...


These look pretty stable. I want you to add another Dark Charizard though.
2's not enough, and they could end up in your prizes. Drop the Magmar's to
3, and get in 2 Dittos. The rest looks great!


This is where most of the fixing will come... Heh... Okay, you definately
want Pokemon Breeders. You don't need 4 NGR either, make it 3. Get the Plus
Powers outa there too. 2 won't help, and you do pretty massive damage
anyways. For those 4 open slots, drop in 3 Computer Searches and another
Oak. Dark Charizard needs pretty large energy amounts to do good damage, so
get some No ER Gyms in there from Gym: Heroes. Drop the SERs for em. The
rest looks fine.


Drop 2 fire. That's about it... Nice deck.


4 Base Charmander
2 Dark Charmeleon
3 Dark Charizard
4 TR Dratini
3 Dark Dragonair
3 Fossil Magmar
2 Ditto
4 Boss's Way
3 Comp Search
3 Pokemon Breeder
3 Oak
3 No ER Gym
2 Item Finder
14 Fire Energy

Thanks for the deck

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