Subj:    Mr. Mime Deck
Date:   08/03/2000 10:42:53 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Basicly the strategy is to keep Mr. Mime alive while you just keep
meditating, but I put in the other pokemon to counter some of his weaknesses.

Pokemon: 14

4 Mr. Mime

4 Hitmonchan ( in case of colorless pokemon that resist psi )

3 Scyther  ( Hitmonchans hurt this deck so Scyther is here to take care of
him )

3 Jigglypuff  ( fossil Haunters are common in my area so he takes care of
them )

Energy: 20

3 Dce ( helps with retreating and used for puff and scyther )

8 psi

9 fighting

Trainers: 26

3 potion ( I know you dont like this but it keeps Mr. Mime healthy if he is
stuck against less damaging pokemon )

3 defender ( same as above )

3 comp. search

2 Item Finder

2 oak

2 bill

3 er

3 ser

3 gow

2 plus power


Ok, so only one AIM fix this week. This one comes straight from my inbox.


OK, i'll admit it... potions aren't completely useless in this deck. Though
they still won't help if they goop gas, or muk, you. I'm still not sold on
the defender idea though.

The pokemon, for the most part, are fine. Maybe a few changes in numbers.

The trainers are where the most help is needed.

As the pokemon are only getting switched around a bit i wont need an
explanation for them... here they are.

4 Mr.Mime
3 Hitmonchan
4 Scyther
2 Jigglypuff

That opens up a whole one slot for something.

As for the trainers well here's a quick run through... Potions and defenders
are normally odd, but i'll make an exception here... Just dump the item
finders in exchange for another oak and another bill... use that one open
spot from the jigglypuff to put in another bill... take out the three ER's
and replace them with a fourth ser, and a couple more plus powers which are
very powerful in conjunction with mime... Hmmm... i guess that's all for the

Ok, i use a basic rule for using DCE's: For each pokemon that can use the
double colorless energy you should include one DCE for each. So that
translates into dumping one psy energy in exchange.

Hope that helps,
Justusdux "Dux"

p.s. if you're wondering why i'm not using any gym cards it's because i don't
own any of them yet and usually don't make a judgement on a card until i at
least see them IRL.